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Educational Seismology Network

U.S. Educational Seismology Network Workshop
Mt. Washington Conference Center, Sept. 13-16, 2003

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Workshop Overview

We are pleased to announce the U.S. Educational Seismology Network (USESN) Workshop, to be held at the Mount Washington Conference Center near Baltimore, Maryland on September 13-16, 2003 (full days on Sept. 14-15). The workshop will provide a forum for exchange of ideas on the future of educational seismology in the U.S., and will result in detailed educational and operations plan for the USESN initiative. The workshop will include approximately 40 participants from the research, education, and science outreach communities. The 2.5-day meeting will include a mixture of oral, poster and discussion sessions, and will conclude with formal writing assignments for education and operations plans for the USESN.

The U.S. Educational Seismology Network (USESN) is a newly formed educational coalition that operates under the auspices of IRIS's Education and Outreach program. The USESN brings together under a single organizational umbrella a variety of seismology outreach programs. The USESN seeks to (1) promote the installation and effective use of educational seismographs and seismic data; (2) disseminate high-quality curricular materials and educational services that promote the use of seismology in science education; and (3) provide an organizational framework for coordination and advocacy of educational seismology across the country.

The coalition's broad goals are summarized in a 'white paper', entitled "Shaking Up America's Classroom: A Vision for Educational Seismology in the United States", which summarizes the mission, vision, and goals of the consortium, as well as an ambitious list of needs for the educational seismology community. These long-term goals will be honed into a short-term strategic plan at the USESN workshop.

The workshop and its ultimate product--a detailed management and operations plan for the USESN--will address a number of critical issues surrounding educational seismology, including

• the role of educational seismology in the K-12 setting
• assessment of educational effectiveness of educational seismology programs
• linkages with the EarthScope Education and Outreach Network
• technical issues facing educational seismology programs
• development of an effective organizational framework for educational seismology
• short-term and long-term plans for the USESN

The workshop's two full-day sessions will include plenary lectures, poster presentations, breakout discussions, and informal meetings. We have a full agenda and ask that all attendees stay for the full meeting to help us achieve our goals. All attendees will be encouraged to submit abstracts and to bring a poster to the workshop. The abstract and poster can present examples of existing educational seismology programs or ideas about prospective educational seismology programs. The abstracts will be distributed at the workshop, used to form breakout groups addressing specific tasks, and finally integrated with discussions at the workshop to outline a broad educational plan for USESN.

Funding for travel, housing and meals is provided by the National Science Foundation for up to 40 participants. All prospective participants are required to apply for the workshop. Participants will be selected based on the applicants' potential to contribute to the diverse educational goals of the USESN.

Important Dates:

July 21, 2003 Application Deadline
July 30, 2003 Approval Notification
August 15, 2003 Meeting registration
August 22, 2003 Abstract submission

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