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Here's a little about our 2013-2014 officer team.

President - Mimi Zakem

Mimi Zakem

Hi, I'm Mimi and I am the president of VegIU! I decided to stop eating all meat besides fish during my sophomore year of high school because of an environmental science class I was in. I learned about the disastrous environmental impacts of the meat industry and got a glimpse of the cruelty as well. As soon as I came to IU, I stopped eating fish and joined VegIU. As I learned more about other animal-based industries besides the meat industry and more about the actual functioning of the USDA I decided I wanted to try living a vegan lifestyle. I had previously thought all vegans were insane, but now I had so many reasons. At first I stopped drinking milk and eating cheese and with help from the group, was able to make the full transition (officially decided on my birthday in October!). I learned things that made me want to change my life from VegIU and through my continued participation in the group I learned how to maintain a vegan lifestyle in a healthy and even FUN and DELICIOUS way! I am dedicated to making this group as open, educational, and supportive for members as it has been for me. If you can't tell, I love this group!

Social Media Manager - Emily Laura Francis Gall

Emily Laura Francis Gall

My name is Emily Gall, I am the social media manager of VegIU, and I have been a vegetarian since 2005. My mom and I became vegetarians at the same time when we researched in depth how animals were slaughtered and processed into meat. We were horrified by the cruel conditions in which the animals were raised and treated. Becoming a vegetarian was one of the best decisions I have ever made! After becoming a vegetarian (along with a new year's resolution of trying more new foods) I quickly added more fruits and vegetables into my diet. I also began to start up an exercise regimen. Now I am as healthy as can be! It also pleases me to know that I am not contributing to the slaughter of many innocent animals. Here at VegIU we welcome people with many different beliefs from all walks of life. We love food and comradery!

Treasurer - Becca Polk

Becca Polk

My father thought it'd be funny to moo at four year old me eating a hamburger and I never touched meat again; the connection between my plate and my cat was made and I was set for life. I progressed to veganism around the age of 12 after learning more about the dairy industry and couldn't be happier. I'm definitely the lazy vegan stuffing with my face with oreos and other quick treats, so I've really enjoyed sharing good food and learning new recipes. There's nothing like spending time with good people and good food!

Officer-At-Large - Thomas Fricktion

Thomas Fricktion

When I first discovered there was a veg organization on campus, I knew I had to be involved. I've been working with VegIU ever since and I'm happy to say I've met a lot of great people and had a lot of fun with the group. I went vegetarian right before starting 7th grade, largely because my older sister helped me to see the connection between the animals I saw in fields and the hunks of meat I saw on my dinner plate. As soon as that clicked in my head, I knew that I couldn't continue to eat meat. I went vegan in the Fall of 2007 and haven't looked back since. I graduated in May 2012, but have remained in Bloomington and stayed involved with VegIU since.

Webmaster - Illya Moskvin

Illya Moskvin

I'm not actually a VegIU officer, but since May 2012, I've been helping out with the website as much as time allows (not enough). I've moved our website to the CouchCMS framework in January 2014. As a programmer, I subsist on a diet of coffee and sleepless nights. Contact: