Vegan & Vegetarian Options at Bloomington Restaurants

Last Updated: 2014-03-25 20:18:31 EST

We are currently working on updating this guide to vegetarian and vegan options at restaurants in Bloomington! This is an ongoing project. Last updated Tuesday March 25th. Please add suggestions for this page by e-mailing our officer team at!

Alchemy (Chinese + modern American)

Lacto-ovo vegetarian options include: Vegetarian Delight, Vegetarian Lo Mein, Vegetarian Double Fried Noodles, Vegetarian Fried Rice.

Vegan options include: Chinese Broccoli with Soy Sauce, Vegan Fried Curry Rice, Vegan Rice Stick Noodles, Vegan Chow Fun, Vegan Stir Fried New Year's Rice Cake.

Ami - offer a few vegan sushi options. Offer bibimbap (Korean rice + vegetable dish) with tofu, just be sure to skip the egg if you're vegan. Monday nights are 30% off bibimbap nights.

Anatolia - Many vegan and vegetarian and they label everything on their menu so you'll know. Great food!

Applebee's - Vegan options include the Sizzling Vegetable Skillet (request without butter) and the steamed vegetable plate. They're usually very nice about working with you to ommit meat and cheese from other dishes as well.

Arby's - Vegan options include: Apple or Cherry Turnover, Chopped Side Salad, Potato Cakes

Aver's Pizza - Aver's has vegan crust and a vegan Cilantro pesto topping.

Bajio Mexican Grill - their vegetables are supposedly vegan.

Baked of Bloomington - has a vegan cookie dough that you can use to mix with any of their toppings.

Bloomingfoods - Bloomingfoods has many grab-and-go veg*n options including tofu sandwiches and the hummbuzz pita, plus bussel sprouts, roasted potatoes, BBQ seitan, good vegetarian/vegan soups, green beans - all kinds of stuff at all locations! Plus a salad bar at all locations with vegan options! Usually at least one of the soups will be vegan. & Bridget's FAVORITE: The hotbar at the East and West locations. There's always at least one vegan option - sometimes a ton of options. Homemade and delicious. Meatless Mondays is sure to please and the Sunday brunch that features vegan biscuits and gravy, tofu scramble, potatoes, etc. Always something great at Bfoods.

Bombay Cafe (Indian) - several vegetarian options

Bucceto's - voted Third Best Vegetarian Menu in Bloomington by Hearld Times readers. Vegan pasta and marinara as well as their salad with house dressing. Many vegetarian options!

Butch's - Verrazano Vegetarian signature sub, portabella burger (Need to check on vegan status)

Chili's - Their classic fajitas can be made without meat & if you ask nicely they'll substitute mushrooms for the meat. They will substitue meat with black beans or a black bean patty. Their black bean patty contains egg & dairy, but their black beans are vegan. The only vegan salad dressing is Citrus Balsamic. If you eat honey, the No Fat Honey Mustard salad dressing is vegan. Vegans should check the vegetarian menu carefully when ordering sides as many of their veggies contain egg or dairy products including their sauteed mushrooms, broccoli, apples. Their flour tortillas have dairy in them. Vegan sides & extras include: black beans, corn tortillas, guacamole, pico de Gallo, Pita Bread, & salsa picante. Has a vegetarian menu on their website.

Chipotle - Their black beans are vegan, their kidney beans are not. Lettuce, salsas, peppers, guacamole vegan.

Chocolate Moose - several vegan ice cream flavors.

Darn Good Soup - vegan options including Lentil Spinach or Black Bean

Dat's (Cajun) - vegan succotash, spinach and artichoke/mushroom etoufee ordered without cheese & many other vegan options

Denny's (American) - Denny's vegan goods include oatmeal and tons o' fixin's, English muffins, bagels, grits, applesauce, fresh fruit, baked potatoes that can be topped with several vegetable choices, vegetable plates, vegan veggie burger, seasoned French fries, garden salads with light Italian dressing or oil and vinegar, and sandwiches that can be made with several vegetable options.
Their boca burger is vegetarian as is their vegetable skillet.

DO Asian Fusion

Dragon (Chinese) - vegan options include sauteed broccoli, home-style bean curd, spicy string beans, sauteed water chestnuts with snow peas, and eggplant in a garlic sauce.

Domino's Pizza - Their dough has whey in it, thus is not vegan.

El Norteno - vegan options include the vegetarian fajitas (ask for no sour cream or cheese), bean burrito, rice, and beans

Esan Thai - For dinner, have any of the rice noodle dishes without egg or fish/oyster sauce and with tofu. Other entree's include a variety of vegetable stir fry's that can be made with tofu and without fish/oyster sauce and several curries that are made with vegetables and tofu. check on the sauces? Most meals have options for tofu as a protein.

Falafels - not sure about the veganality of their pita bread, but they have wonderful falafel! Monday nights are all-you-can-eat falafel sandwich nights. Their tahini sauce IS vegan.

FARMbloomington - They strive to be farm-to-table meaning most of their produce is locally grown. The menu changes each season. They have a vegetarian special every day like the black bean burger. Personal recommendation: the Veg Head Sliders, which are Fried Eggplant, Fresh Mozzarella, Marinara, & Pesto. Other vegetarian options include the tofu scramble, Vegetarian Biscuits and Gravy with Mushrooms and Peppers, Cajun Red Bean & Rice Burger (make it vegan with Soy Sour Cream & Whole Wheat Pita). They often have vegan and raw options. These include vegan nachos, fried eggplant sliders, vegan baked apple dessert, & their french fries.

Feast Bakery Cafe - has several vegetarian options including a few vegetarian tamales, a tempeh burger, and a vegetarian island pie. (They even have a vegetarian wedding catering menu!)

Finch's Brasserie - vegetarian options include vegetable pasta, macraroni & cheese gratin, roasted sweet potato & vegetable stew. The owner has said that they would be happy to make something vegan when requested.

HuHot - Also multiple vegan options. When I went, before we were even seated, I was asked if I had any dietary restrictions. When I mentioned I was vegan, the people at the grill were immediately informed and they make your food separate from the other food and clean your spot on the grill before preparing your food in front of you.

Indian Garden-

Janko's Little Zagreb - vegan black bean burger, Palidzan-Sa-Sirom (can be made without cheese for vegans!) and a vegetarian salad meal. They're also willing to make a vegetable only kabob and are open to suggestions.

Laughing Planet - Almost everything there can have tofu or seitan subbed in for meat. Vegan cookies and vegan soups. Vegetarian and vegan burritos and all-vegan soups. Be aware though, their default tortillas are not vegan! They provide vegan ones upon request. Has a daily special vegetarian burrito .Personal recommendation: Bubba Burger.

Lennie's - veggie stromboli, veggie ciabatta sandwich without cheese, and the wild beet spinach salad without cheese. Watch out for the portabella sandwich because it is marinated in worchshire sauce, which contains fish.

Little Casear's- use vegan sauce and dough

Little Tibet - Tsel Momo and Yellow Curry are vegan; come with salad and soup for dinner. Saag Sabji is a vegetarian curry. The Curries are made with yogurt but can be made Vegan. Expensive but delicious.

Malibu Grill - They have a vegetarian wood fired pizza (my favorite veggie pizza in town!)

Mama's Korean Restaurant - offers kimchi bibimbap with tofu. Be sure to skip the egg if you're vegan. Unlike Ami, Mama's provides you with banchan (traditional Korean side dishes).

Mandalay (Burmese) - lots of vegetarian options

Max's Place - They have multiple vegetarian options, their croutons and doughs are homemade and vegan, and they have homemade vegan cheese and vegan marina sauce available upon request.

McAlister's Deli - several baked potato options, veggie flatbread pizza, & a few salad options (my favorite is the Spud Ole with veggie chili)

Moe's Southwest Grill - has several options with tofu as a protein in burritos

Mother Bear's - The guy on the phone claimed that their crust is vegan. It wouldn't be bad to go into the store and check though.

My Thai Cafe - We need to check on their sauces

Nick's English Hut - Their black bean burger has romano cheese in it, thus is only vegetarian.

Noodles & Company - Most stuff is vegetarian (basically everything except Pad Thai and Ceasar salad). That is 15 vegetarian dishes! Vegan options include: Japanese Pan Noodles, Indonesian Peanut Saute, Chinese Chop Salad with no wontons, Penne Rosa without cream & cheese, Pasta Fresca without cheese, Whole Grain Tuscan Linguine without cream & cheese, Spaghetti with Marinara without cheese, Cucumber Tomato Salad, Toss Green Side Salad with balsamic vinaigrette are vegan (except for bonechar sugar). You can add tofu to any dish.

Panera Bread - each location differs, so we have to ask.

Papa John's - use vegan sauce and dough

Potbelly - they have a vegetarian sandwich with cheese & mushrooms & their salads can be made vegetarian as well.

Pourhouse Cafe - vegan baked goods. Socially responsible coffeehouse.

Qdoba - Per their corporate website, these things are vegan: black beans AND pinto beans, cilantro lime rice, fajita veggies, all salsas, all tortillas, chips, guacamole, pesto sauce, ranchera sauce, cilantro lime vinaigrette dressing, and tortilla soup. For vegetarians, they will make quesadillas with the fajita veggies and/or beans (in addition to plain cheese as on the menu) if you ask.

Rachael's Cafe - several vegan dishes. vegan lasagna, coconut curry

Rainbow Bakery-

Restaurant Tallent - They will make a special vegan entree and salad on request!

Rockits Famous Pizza - several vegan options. Has soy vegan cheese and vegan pepperoni on the menu. The veggie pizza consists of tomato, green pepper, and onion. Breadsticks are covered in seeds and herbs. Slices are available for $2 and you can purchase an 8" pizza for only $5.

Runcible Spoon - there is one vegan dish available, noted on the menu. Lots of vegetarian options for every meal. Their home fries are vegan!

Samira - Their lunch buffet is mostly vegetarian & includes an appetizer & dessert. (You can ask for a vegetarian appetizer)

Scenic View (near Lake Monroe) They have a homemade veggie burger and veggie burger wrap that are vegetarian. (Need to check on vegan options).

Scholar's Inn Bakehouse - several vegan breads. Have ingredient lists available for us to check. Wednesdays are $3 burger days & you can sub a falafel patty for any burger.

Scotty's Brewhouse - Southwestern Vegetarian Wrap, veggie quesadilla, their spinach & artichoke dip is newly vegetarian, chipotle black bean burger

Siam House - Multiple vegan options! Just ask Lunch buffet has vegetarian and vegan options. Regular menu includes a section for vegetarian dishes. A choice of fried, soft, or firm tofu as well as TVP can be added to most dishes.

Soma (Coffee & juice bar) - Nearly all of their baked goods are vegan, and the smoothies do not contain dairy unless requested. Soymilk available for coffee drinks at no extra charge.

Subway - Vegans beware: their wheat bread contains honey. The italian (white) bread is vegan friendly, though.

Sweet Claire's - they have vegan & vegetarian focaccia sandwiches for lunch.

Taco Bell

Lacto-ovo vegetarian options include: Pintos & Cheese, Bean Burrito, Bean Tostada, Mexican Rice, Seven Layer Burrito (no sour cream), Cheese, Gordita Shells, Creamy Jalapeno Sauce, Creamy Lime Sauce, Pepper Jack Sauce, Baja Sauce, Fiesta Salsa, Red Sauce, Hot/Mild/Fire Sauce, Green Sauce, Pizza Sauce, Guacamole, and Taco Shell.

Vegan options include: Mexican Pizza (substitute beans for the meat; no cheese or sour cream), Nachos (substitute beans for the meat; no cheese or sour cream), 7-Layer Burrito (no cheese or sour cream), Taco (substitute beans for the meat; no cheese or sour cream), Hot/Mild/Fire Sauce, Fiesta Salsa, Red Sauce, Soft Tortillas, Pizza Sauce, Green Sauce, Guacamole, and Taco Shell.

Taco Rocket

Vegetarian options include: bean burrito, plain quesadilla, frozen bananas, paletas (homemade popsicles)

Vegan options include: Vegetarian chili tacos (ask for no cheese), vegetarian chili burritos (ask for no cheese), vegetarian chili nachos, spinach sald, chick pea salad, veggies & hummus
The manager confirmed that the chili will be vegan starting in May.

Taste of India - several vegan entrees available, even on their buffet, which is 80% vegetarian, but mostly vegan. Just tell them you're a vegan and they'll let you know what you can eat.

TGI Friday's - baked potatoes. Vegan dishes are the House Salad and Fresh Vegetable Medley (normally served with a non-vegetarian rice, but a plain baked potato can be substituted instead).

Thai Kitchen - vegan curries, pad thai, and wide assortment of other vegan noodle and rice dishes; option of tofu instead of meats

Trojan Horse - Falafels, the V.I.P. sandwich, veggie burgers, grilled portabella wrap (need to check on vegan status)


The Owlery - Everything is vegetarian; most all can be made vegan. Also good gluten-free options.

Upland Brewing Company

Vegetarian Options: seitan Philly cheese, black bean burger, seitan schnitzel, Meatlessloaf sandwich, Wit Macaroni & Cheese, Mushroom Pasta, Stuffed Shells, Veggie Gyros.They have a segregated vegetarian fryer to prevent contamination with meat products for items like thier brewery fries.

Vegan Options: portobello mushroom pizza or seitan tenderloin (the bun has milk in it, so ask for the multigrain ciabatta bun), Coconut Tofu salad, Spicy Tofu Tacos, Southwest Tofu Salad, Portobello Sandwich & Vegetarian Chili.

(Also, depending on who's working sometimes there will be a vegan soup or dessert.)

WhichWich (sandwich shop) - Black bean burger is vegetarian but NOT vegan; the hummus sandwich is vegan. Lots of vegetable and spice options.

Vegan Delivery Options: Aver's, Baked, Falafels, Fortune Cookies, Laughing Planet, Roots (via Straight2YourDoor), Peach Garden, Rockits, Taco Rocket.

Nashville, IN

Big Woods Brewing Company - vegetarian pizza options.

Calzone Jones - veggie calzone, pizza, & veggie & cheese sandwich

Muddy Boots Cafe - has a few vegan & vegetarian options including a garden burger, grilled veggie tortilla, pasta primavera, black bean & rice burrito, hummus veggie wrap

If you're looking for veggie dining at fast food restaurants elsewhere, check out these links:

Disclaimer: This list is put together by a group of students and may not be consistently 100% accurate. (It is dependent on each person’s individual knowledge, the employee whom they asked, et cetera). If you notice something on this list that is labeled incorrectly or should be added, please inform us by e-mailing us so we can update it.