About VegIU

The Vegan/Vegetarian Organization at Indiana University Bloomington is a social & support group for those interested in vegetarianism and veganism. We provide resources that help people live their life as a vegan or vegetarian. Every one of us has different reasons for pursuing a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, including health-related, environmental, personal morals, and ethical principles. Beyond assuring our organization is informative, VegIU creates social opportunities for anyone interested in making friends and eating veg-friendly food.

VegIU also organizes outreach events and is working with RPS to assure that students and faculty at IU can easily maintain a veg-friendly diet and general lifestyle while at school. We consider VegIU to be a casual group in which members have no obligation to make any specific level of commitment. Come to as many events and/or meetings as you want or don’t want to. Our club is in no way exclusive, and we welcome members that don’t identify as either vegetarian or vegan. Our VegIU Facebook group is regularly active for anyone interested in joining, sharing, asking questions, and making friends!

Being Vegetarian at Indiana University

We are very lucky to live in Bloomington, Indiana, which was ranked as the “4th Most Veg-Friendly Small City in North America.” Indiana University has also been ranked as the Most Vegetarian-Friendly College in America and we’re regularly ranked in the top ten vegetarian-friendly universities every year. Check out our Guide to Vegetarian Eating on IU Campus or Vegetarian Restaurant Options in Bloomington list.

The Goals of VegIU

  1. To provide a vegetarian and vegan community for the Bloomington area
  2. To inform interested individuals of vegetarian or vegan-friendly options on the IU Bloomington campus and around the Bloomington area.
  3. To educate people in the many varying reasons for people to go veg.