Veggie Resources

Last Updated: 2014-01-20 21:43:32 EST

Here are some vegetarian and vegan resources recommended by our members including yummy recipes, information about eating a healthy, nutritious vegetarian diet, and other related websites.

Recipe Websites

Animal Welfare

Helpful Indiana University Resources

Other Related Groups at Indiana University

Nearby Vegetarian Groups

Other College Vegetarian Groups

Recommended Reading

Some of these books may be available to borrow from other VegIU members. Post on our Facebook group if you are having trouble finding them. Bold indicates our most popular books!

  • Animal Experimentation and Animal Experimenters
  • Animal Liberation
  • Animal Manifesto, The
  • Animals Matter
  • Animal Rights/Human Wrongs
  • Case for Animal Rights, The
  • A Critique of Animal Experiments on Cocaine Abuse
  • Eating Animals
  • Empty Cages
  • Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior
  • Encyclopedia of Animal Rights and Animal Welfare
  • Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics
  • Ethical Vegetarianism
  • Free the Animals
  • Readings in Animal Cognition
  • Species of Mind
  • Vegetarian Times Issues


These cookbooks have been recommended and field-tested by past group members and officers!

  • The Uncheese Cookbook
  • Vegan Yum Yum
  • The Veganopolis Cookbook
  • Veganomicon
  • Vegan Taste of Mexico
  • Vegan Taste of France

Movies & Documentaries