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Indiana University Bloomington

Victorian Studies Degree Requirements

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The degree requirements for the VS Program include passage of departmental qualifying exams and 16 course credits approved for the Program, including 4 in the Program itself and an additional 4 credits in a department other than your own. Courses in the Victorian Studies Program are:

V611 Victorian Britain: Culture and Society, 1820-1900 (4 cr.)
An introduction to the interdisciplinary study of examination of the civilization of Victorian Britain. from a variety of perspectives, focusing on the history of Victorian Studies and, especially, recent trends in scholarship. Topics include the nationís movement from a traditional to a modern society, industrial and democratic revolutions, gender relations, and empire.

V701 Studies in Victorian Britain (4 cr.)
Investigation of topics related to Victorian Britain; their illumination of the whole period in method or substance.

V711 Social Science and Social Philosophy in the Victorian Age (4 cr.)
First part of course includes discussion of major philosophical and theoretical ideas underlying approaches to the Victorian period; the second part is usually based on research papers prepared by students on selected topics in their fields.

V805 Readings in Victorian Britain (1-6 cr.)

Consult the Director of the program for courses outside of Victorian Studies that are acceptable for the certificate.