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Indiana University Bloomington

Ivan Kreilkamp

Ivan Kreilkamp

Associate Professor

PhD: Brown University, 1999
MA: Brown University, 1994
BA: Yale University, 1991

Email | 812-855-4629

My main research interests focus on the British novel over the long nineteenth century, and on the literature and culture of Victorian Britain more generally. I also have research and teaching interests relating to print culture, media studies, popular culture (I’ve published on pop music in places like the Village Voice and the Nation), literary theory, and animal studies. My first book, Voice and the Victorian Storyteller (2005), aimed to complicate our thinking about Victorian literature’s relationship to and representation of speech and orality by, for example, considering literary texts in relation to shorthand manuals, phonographs, and oral storytellers. Lately I’ve been working on the links between domestic fiction and domestic animals in Britain, considering animals as objects of sympathy and enmity, as companions and co-habitants, as subjects of experiment, as minor or vulnerable characters, and as figures of radical alterity. This project involves attention to historical topics, such as the rise of the animal welfare or anti-cruelty movement in Britain in the early Victorian period, and of the anti-vivisection movement in later decades; it also asks theoretical and philosophical questions regarding the relationship of animals to personhood, subjectivity, and ethics. I teach a range of courses on topics mostly (but not only — I like getting the chance to teach the likes of Ovid, Charles Chesnutt, or Werner Herzog) relating to nineteenth-century British literature. I am also co-editor of the interdisciplinary journal Victorian Studies.