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Welcome to the Home Page of Grupo de Teatro VIDA

VIDA is a Spanish-language performance group for both native and non-native speakers on the Bloomington campus of Indiana University. The letters in this name stand for Vision, Identity, Drama, and Art. We aim to produce plays that foster cultural understanding and promote the richness of Hispanic culture and expression through live theatre in Bloomington. We seek to establish an annual performance in Spanish and create a space where we can bring together students and professors from the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Indiana University, the Hispanic community of Bloomington and IU, and Bloomington's theatre community to work together in producing quality productions. 

2014 Fall Show

Encerrados, or

Close Quarters



7:30 PM

October 23-25, 2014


7:30 PM
November 14-15, 2014
The Indy Fringe

The theme of our ninth annual show is Encerrados, or Close Quarters.  Each piece examines enclosed spaces as allegories for and parodies of power dynamics in families and governments. This year marks our first collaboration with Portuguese faculty and students, who will be performing Farsa de Ines Pereira by Gil Vicente.



Our pieces include (scripts linked where available):

Elena Garro´s Un hogar sólido (1958), in which an animated family of cadavers sheds light on Mexican history and daily life from within the confines of a mausoleum.

Myrna Casas' La trampa (Puerto Rico, 1963), an absurdist piece in which undesirable family members are locked away in closets, attics, cellars and even an aluminum can.

Enrique Buenaventura´s El presidente (2009), which parodies corruption in the Colombian government from within a prison cell in which the audience may or may not be as well.


Gil Vicente's Farsa de Ines Pereira (1523), in which the lazy, greedy, unfaithful, and selfish Ines still manages to capture the sympathy of the audience as she attempts to cure the boredoms of bachelorettehood through marriage.

VIDA Sponsors

IUSA Department of Spanish and PortugueseCenter for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

La Casa/Latino Cultural Center

Chicano-Riqueño Studies

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