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VIDA is a Spanish-language performance group for both native and non-native speakers on the Bloomington campus of Indiana University. The letters in this name stand for Vision, Identity, Drama, and Art. We aim to produce plays that foster cultural understanding and promote the richness of Hispanic culture and expression through live theatre in Bloomington. We seek to establish an annual performance in Spanish and create a space where we can bring together students and professors from the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Indiana University, the Hispanic community of Bloomington and IU, and Bloomington's theatre community to work together in producing quality productions. 

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2013-2014 Season

Mark your calendars!

February 20-22, 2014

March 28-29, 2014
The Indy Fringe

Playwright Visit

Charo González Casas is coming to Indiana at the end of March in time to attend the shows at the Indy Fringe! This is an excellent opportunity for students and community to meet her. More information is forthcoming, but here is a brief biography of the playwright.


Charo González Casas was born in Madrid in 1964.  She knew she wanted to be a writer in middle school when her professor, erroneously convinced that González had plagiarized a story, gave her a zero.  She was ten years old.

González received her degree in journalism from UCM (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) and studied Dramaturgy at RESAD (Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático).  She began publishing through GRATIX, a journal dedicated to the Madrid Occupy Movement, under the pseudonym Mary Glup. She worked as an editor for a literary journal and also a fashion magazine as well as a reporter for a dozen different publications.  She has also published mystery stories under the pseudonym Violeta Bala.

As a playwright she was the first woman in Spain to debut a play in the Centro Dramático Nacional, Talgo con destino a Murcia [Fast Train to Murcia] in 1997.  She has also debuted plays Morir soñando [To Die Dreaming] in the Teatro Flotante del Nilo (Cairo); Umberto, un suicidio es cosa seria [Umberto, Suicide is a Serious Matter], and Corazón al peso  [Heart by the Pound]  in the Scarabeus Theater in Brussels; A quien celebre  mi muerte [For Whomever Celebrates My Death] and La ocasión [The Occasion] at the Ateneo de Madrid and Sopa de sobre [Instant Soup] in Microteatro de Madrid. In the US, she has edited her works A quien celebre mi muerte at Austin College, andVentanilla de patentes at Pace University, NY, which was later translated to English by Patricia O’Conner with the title Patenting Destiny: A tale of Two Shoes.

In Spain, she has published El vampiro de los pobres [The Vampire of the Poor]the novelization of a news report that occurred in Bolivia, and El mensaje del náufrago [Message from the Shipwreck], her first novel.

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