IStream Service: Accessing

Streaming and downloading options are provided. Streaming allows the user to begin viewing/listening to the recording immediately. Downloading puts the recording onto the user's computer, so that it can be accessed at the user's convenience, or moved to CD or to MP3 personal audio appliances. Class and non-class events are accessed in different fashion:

CLASSES: The live and recorded streams are accessed on the IStream portal, or within OnCourse using the OnCourse Streamed Classes Tool. An IU network logon is required to access the streams.
EVENTS: For non-class events, the event sponsor will be provided with a URL for the live and recorded streams. The URL can be e-mailed to event participants and embedded in an event web page. An IU network logon is not required to access the content.
CLASSES: At present, authority to access the streams is limited to users with valid IU network logon. Fine grained controls that limit access to specific IU users, such as to students enrolled in a particular class, are not currently offered.
EVENTS: At present, authority to access the streams in not limited. The URL to the live and recorded streams is provided to the event organizer. The organizer can protect the URL, through limited sharing, and by placing web links behind secured pages, but the stream itself is not explicitly protected.