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The Virtu Project at Indiana University uniquely blends philanthropy, in a partnership with Timmy Global Health, and investment education to create a team of professional students with a passion for a hands-on approach to giving.

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It is finally spring in Bloomington! Students have just returned from Spring Break, and, with only a few weeks left of classes, we are ready to make our portfolio stronger than ever.  Just before break, three members of the Virtu executive team went visited at Timmy Global Health’s Headquarters in Indianapolis. We spoke with Matt MacGregor, the outgoing Executive Director, as well as several other Timmy Staff to determine what needs could be filled with money raised by the Virtu Project.  As always, we were incredibly impressed with the work that Timmy does to promote universal access to healthcare.

How is our portfolio performing? On the year, our portfolio is up 3.17% versus the S&P being down .39%. Our clean energy exchange-traded fund (ETF) has been a strong performer.  Additionally, Virtu made the decision to short the Eastern European emerging markets based on the increasing and ongoing violence between Russia and Ukraine.  Still, after a disappointing Q1, we are hoping that the market will grow to be a little stronger in the coming weeks.

We are also excited to announce that, to date, we have received almost $31,000 in pledges, over 75% of the total amount pledged last year.  We are well on the way to completing our goal of $80,000 in pledges with your help. To thank all of our donors and bring them together with members of the Virtu Project, we will be hosting an event at Upland Brewing Co. on April 10th.  For more details, please contact us at virtu@indiana.edu!

Year in Review


Just a few weeks into the spring semester at Indiana University, we thought we might reflect on the past year, what we have accomplished, and how we hope to grow in the current investment cycle.  2013 in the U.S. was characterized by a near war with Syria, the out rolling of the Affordable Care Act, a 16-day government shutdown that nearly forced a default on U.S. debt, a Twitter IPO and many stock market records.  Despite the ups and downs of the market, Virtu finished the 2013 investment cycle with a 36% return on investment.  Tesla, Cummins, Disney, CVS, and the MannKind Corporation were just a few elements of our diverse portfolio that contributed to a successful outcome.

So, how did these investments translate into donations for Timmy Global Health? To date, Virtu-related donations to Timmy total approximately $3,600.  This donation is coming to Timmy during an incredible period of growth for the Indianapolis non-profit.  Through a gift-matching campaign with Focusing Philanthropy, Timmy raised over $100,000 and is doing more than ever to combat global health disparity.  To learn more about Timmy Global Health, visit timmyglobalhealth.org and check out the 2012-2013 Annual Report.

In addition to a successful investment cycle, Virtu brought on 19 LAMP sophomores and juniors as Associates, our largest group yet.  The group began the Investment Curriculum this week (despite freezing temperatures!) and will be given a crash course in investment practices and Virtu.  To learn more about the new Associates and current Managers and Partners, check out the bios of each member below!

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We are excited to announce the new Virtu executive board for the 2014 portfolio!

President: Alec Dennis

Investment Director: Matt Plunkett

Outreach Director: Carson Small

Director of Events and Partnerships: Sami Haddad

Communications Director: Lindsey Blum

Treasurer: Xi Zheng



  • Aaditya Shah

  • Abhi Seetharamaiah

    Abhi is a senior studying Biology and has been a part of the Virtu program for 2 years. He will be starting medical school next fall and hopes to pursue orthopedics or sports medicine. In his free time, Abhi enjoys playing basketball and watching TV. His favorite part of being a Virtu member has been gaining knowledge about investments and the stock market.

  • Alec Dennis

    Alec Dennis is a junior from Bloomington, Indiana majoring in Behavioral Economics and Political Science. He is interested in pursuing a career in management consulting after graduation and will be interning with Bain and Company in Chicago this summer. He has been interested in investing since he created a mock portfolio in middle school. He joined Virtu in order to further his knowledge of investing while also being able to use those skills to give back. Other than his activities in Virtu, he is an avid board gamer, amateur sketch artist, and collector of historical trivia. Alec is looking forward to building on the foundation left by the past executive committee and developing additional methods of fundraising for Timmy Global Health.

  • Alexandra Tigges

    Ali is a Junior from Carmel, IN pursuing a career in Wealth Management and studying Human Biology. This is her first year being apart of The VIrtu Project but is excited to learn more about ethical investing and working side-by-side with the healthcare initiatives of Timmy Global Health. This past summer she interned at UBS Financial Services in Private Wealth Management and will be returning for her second internship there this summer. She currently is serving as President of her sorority, Alpha Chi Omega, and is finishing her term as the Director of Research for LAMP Marketing Team. She has also been involved on campus in IUSF, Camp Kesem, IU Hospital Hospice, Philanthropy Chair of AXO and continues to volunteer at the Middle Way House in Bloomington.

  • Alexander Podczerwinski

    Alexander Podczerwinski is a junior from Madison, IN, who is majoring in Economics and Political Science and minoring in Mathematics. He is excited to learn about investing while also contributing to the efforts of Timmy Global Health. Outside of Virtu, Alexander is the Armorer for the IU Fencing Club.

  • Ari Stoner

    Ari is a sophomore studying Biotechnology at Indiana University. As an associate in the Virtu project, he is enthusiastic about the ethical investment education that can teach him how to finance his education as well as contribute to a noble cause. Ari is also an avid outdoor enthusiast and bonified science geek.

  • Audrey Oliger

    Audrey is a junior manager in the Virtu Project who is studying Biology and Spanish. Virtu has been a rewarding experience for her because it facilitates a unique approach to philanthropy that doubles as a learning experience. She is also involved in IC-EMS, the emergency medical service organization on campus.

  • Benjamin Stowell

    Ben is a junior studying Biology at Indiana University and is an associate within the Virtu Project. He is very excited to be involved in such a unique organization that is both educational and philanthropic. He looks forward to learning about the investment world and aiding our partners at Timmy Global Health.

  • Carson Small

    Carson is a Junior majoring in Communication and Culture with a minor in Economics and Political Science. Outside of school, Carson enjoys rock climbing at her local Bloomington gym and running on the B-line trail. Her favorite part of Virtu has been her experiences reaching out to people and communicating the organization's unique approach to philanthropy through education.

  • Emma Hearn

    Emma is currently a sophomore from Madison, IN, studying Sociology. She is an associate member of the Virtu Project. Her favorite thing about the Virtu Project is the hands-on learning of investment strategies while also benefiting Timmy Global Health. Emma enjoys the diversity of people within the Virtu Project and is a proud member of the LAMP community. She also works at the Boys and Girls Club in Bloomington and loves that her work positively benefits kids.

  • Erik Hanson

    Erik is a sophomore from Indianapolis, IN, studying political science, economics, and history. He is an associate for the Virtu Project and really enjoys the mix of students that come together to benefit the Timmy Global Health Initiative. He also plays on the Club Soccer team, and he once (legend has it) scored a game-winning intramural basketball shot and won a rap battle, in the same day.

  • Erin Selsemeyer

    Erin Selsemeyer (Manager) is a junior majoring in Communication and Culture and minoring in Spanish. Outside of Virtu, Erin enjoys theatre and serves as the treasurer for IU's only undergraduate student theatre company, University Players. Erin's favorite part about Virtu is the project's dedication to education as well as philanthropy.

  • Janit Pandya

    Janit is a sophomore majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Spanish, while following a pre-medical track. He is an associate in the Virtu Project, whose favorite part of the organization is the excellent use of the combined knowledge of the group to help make a difference through philanthropies, such as Timmy Global Health. Outside of Virtu, he is an active member of Timmy, UR@IU Journal, and the USC Conduct Board. He enjoys music, table tennis and reading.

  • Lacie Im

    Lacie (Min Kyung) is a Junior majoring in Economics with a minor in Spanish and Small Business Management/Entrepreneurship. She is a Manager in the Virtu Project and has helped restructure the investment curriculum Virtu hosts to educate incoming Associates. She greatly enjoys learning about stocks and ethical investment strategies. She currently interns at Bill C. Brown Associates to learn about retirement strategies, risk management, education funding, life and long-term insurance, employee benefits and retirement plans.

  • Lindsey Blum

    Lindsey is currently a Junior from Indianapolis, IN, studying Economics and French. She is a Manager and the Communications Director for 2014 at the Virtu Project. Her favorite parts of Virtu is being an active member of the LAMP community, learning investment strategies, and helping to make contributions to Timmy Global Health.

  • Matt Hinshaw

    Matt is a sophomore studying Economics at Indiana University. He is excited to begin work as an associate and learn more about stocks and investment strategies. In his free time, Matt enjoys playing a variety of different sports with his friends.

  • Matthew Plunkett

    Matthew is a junior from the suburbs of Chicago, studying Economics. He is the Investment Director for the Virtu Project. His favorite part of being in Virtu is learning new investment strategies, while benefiting a great organization in Timmy Global Health. In his free time, Matthew enjoys watching and playing hockey.

  • Michael Francisco

    Michael is a senior from Fort Wayne, Indiana majoring in Near East Languages and Cultures and International Studies with a focus on global development. He enjoys Virtu for its unique approach to philanthropy and education.

  • Namratha Jan

    Namratha is a sophomore studying Neuroscience/ pre-med and and is an associate in the Virtu Project. Her favorite part of Virtu is being able to use ethical investing strategies to increase and improve public health internationally by working in collaboration with Timmy Global Health. She is also involved in Global Medical Brigades, IC-EMS and competes in figure roller skating.

  • Pooja Patel

    Pooja Patel is a sophomore pre medical student from Evansville, IN studying Neuroscience and Anthropology. She is currently an Associate Member of the Virtu Project. Her favorite aspect of Virtu involves learning how to apply practical investment skills to help spread global health awareness through the Timmy foundation. In her spare time, Pooja likes to read, play the drums, play tennis, and watch IU basketball.

  • Prathik Kini

    Prathik Kini is a junior from Fishers, IN. He is a math and economics major. Prathik currently plans on pursuing a career in options trading followed by a career as a doctor. He has had a steady passion for investing since his first mock portfolio in grade school. Developing a greater knowledge of investments has been his favorite part of Virtu.

  • Rebecca Rose Andrews

    I am currently a sophomore studying Mathematics and Economics. I am an associate member of the Virtu project. A fun fact about me is that my two brothers are in the military. I am very interested in photography and hope to take more photography classes here in Bloomington. My favorite part of the Virtu project is that Virtu gives back to Timmy Global Heath.

  • Samyuth Subramanian

  • Sheena Shah

    Sheena is a sophomore from Granger, Indiana. As an associate for the Virtu Project, she particularly loves the unique conglomeration of skills and interests that have come together to work with this organization. Majoring in biology and hoping to go to medical school one day, the mission of our benefactor, Timmy Global Health, holds close to her heart. A fun fact about Sheena is that she can lick her elbow, a feat said to be impossible

  • Shelby Gullion

  • Shokhi Goel

    Shokhi is a junior manager in the Virtu Project who is studying Biology and Spanish at IU. Her favorite part of Virtu is how Virtu synthesizes an education in financial investment with philanthropic outreach to improve public health internationally in collaboration with Timmy Global Health. In her free time, Shokhi is an avid photographer and choreographs Indian folk dances.

  • Stella Jeong

    Stella is a sophomore associate member who is studying history and minoring in French and English. As an associate, she is excited to combine the business realm of stocks and portfolios with a philanthropic cause. During her spare time, she loves watching TV shows on Netflix and knitting all of her winter knit-wear.

  • Paul Logan

    I'm a Comp Sci, Cog Sci, and Lamp Guy. It all rhymes.

  • Tyler Barnes

    Tyler is a sophomore at Indiana University studying chemistry and economics. He is an associate in Virtu and is excited to learn about investing while helping to support the Timmy Foundation. He hopes to pursue a career in finance or chemistry after graduation.

  • Webmaster

    Questions, comments? Send us an email at virtu@indiana.edu

  • Xi Zheng

    Xi is a junior studying Biology from Anderson, IN. He is the incoming treasurer and is excited to take a leadership role in the Virtu Project. His favorite part of Virtu is being able to collaborate with individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds when making decisions. In his free time he loves supporting the Indiana Hoosiers.

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