It is finally spring in Bloomington! Students have just returned from Spring Break, and, with only a few weeks left of classes, we are ready to make our portfolio stronger than ever.  Just before break, three members of the Virtu executive team went visited at Timmy Global Health’s Headquarters in Indianapolis. We spoke with Matt MacGregor, the outgoing Executive Director, as well as several other Timmy Staff to determine what needs could be filled with money raised by the Virtu Project.  As always, we were incredibly impressed with the work that Timmy does to promote universal access to healthcare.

How is our portfolio performing? On the year, our portfolio is up 3.17% versus the S&P being down .39%. Our clean energy exchange-traded fund (ETF) has been a strong performer.  Additionally, Virtu made the decision to short the Eastern European emerging markets based on the increasing and ongoing violence between Russia and Ukraine.  Still, after a disappointing Q1, we are hoping that the market will grow to be a little stronger in the coming weeks.

We are also excited to announce that, to date, we have received almost $31,000 in pledges, over 75% of the total amount pledged last year.  We are well on the way to completing our goal of $80,000 in pledges with your help. To thank all of our donors and bring them together with members of the Virtu Project, we will be hosting an event at Upland Brewing Co. on April 10th.  For more details, please contact us at!