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The Virtu Project at Indiana University uniquely blends philanthropy, in a partnership with Timmy Global Health, and investment education to create a team of professional students with a passion for a hands-on approach to giving.

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Hope Snodgrass, the Manager of Development Strategy & Accounts for the College of Arts & Sciences, spoke at our meeting on October 18th. Ms. Snodgrass provided a handout from the University of Indianapolis Fund Raising School, and walked through the process of accessing and soliciting donors.

She also elaborated on formatting emails and personal letters. Afterwards, we had a discussion about our current donors and potential areas of outreach. Students also discussed alternative methods to approaching donors, such as going to office hours in pairs to convince a potential donor. We were fortunate to have Hope, and look forward to exercising these skills over the coming months!

– Ben Richter: Virtu Investment Team Director


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