The Virtu Project creates a unique opportunity for hands-on learning, particularly in the areas of ethical investing, networking, teamwork, and creative problem-solving.

Collaboration  is key within the Virtu Project, and all teams are interdependent and overseen by LAMP faculty advisors. The responsibilities and goals of each of the three divisions are described below.

Virtu Members Receiving Instructions at Timmy Global Health Headquarters

Virtu Members Receiving Instructions at Timmy Global Health Headquarters

Partners are Virtu Project members in their final year at Indiana University.Partners2 Members who joined in their junior year get promoted to Partner but still perform many of the tasks assigned to Managers. Virtu Officers are Partners with additional responsibilities.
•  Managing all non-Partner Virtu members
•  Teaching the Virtu investing curriculum to associates
•  Maintaining current donor relations and searching for new potential donors

ManagersAssociates that have gained the fundamental skills of equity analysis through the Virtu investment curriculum are promoted to the position of manager.
•  Presenting regular analysis of the Virtu Project’s current portfolio
•  Conducting research and presenting equity recommendations regarding the future annual portfolio
•  Assisting in the production of Virtu events and fundraisers

AssociatesAssociates are accepted into the Virtu Project at the end of the fall semester during their sophomore or junior year. Prior to acceptance, associates undergo an application and interview process conducted by current members of the Virtu Project.
•  Learning about the operations of the Virtu Project and Timmy Global Health
•  Honing their presentation and research skills by performing market sector analyses
•  Completing the eight week Virtu investment curriculum conducted by the Virtu partners


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