Our Donation Process

Virtu-How it works

Virtu asks donors to pledge investments into a mock portfolio. After a one-year period, donors match the returns made on the mock portfolio by making a direct contribution to the Timmy Foundation.

For example, if a donor were to pledge $10,000 and the fund yielded a 10% return in one year, the donor would write a check for $1,000. This method eliminates the risk of losing “real” money and still rewards performance. Therefore a $10,000 pledge means that the donor will be asked to pay a maximum of $1,000, provided that Virtu earns a 10% return on its mock portfolio that year. Regardless of our return on investment, we cap donations at 15% of the pledge, so even if Virtu earns a 20% return in one year, a donor is not bound to paying more than 15% of their original pledged amount.

By accepting the contract and making a pledge to the Virtu Project, an individual agrees to match our mock portfolio returns once annual gains are reported.


Where does your donation go?

At the end of the year, all funds go directly to Timmy Global Health. Timmy is an Indianapolis-based nonprofit that works to expand access to healthcare and education, while empowering students and volunteers to engage directly in global development. For more information about Timmy Global Health, please visit www.timmyglobalhealth.org


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