Year in Review


Just a few weeks into the spring semester at Indiana University, we thought we might reflect on the past year, what we have accomplished, and how we hope to grow in the current investment cycle.  2013 in the U.S. was characterized by a near war with Syria, the out rolling of the Affordable Care Act, a 16-day government shutdown that nearly forced a default on U.S. debt, a Twitter IPO and many stock market records.  Despite the ups and downs of the market, Virtu finished the 2013 investment cycle with a 36% return on investment.  Tesla, Cummins, Disney, CVS, and the MannKind Corporation were just a few elements of our diverse portfolio that contributed to a successful outcome.

So, how did these investments translate into donations for Timmy Global Health? To date, Virtu-related donations to Timmy total approximately $3,600.  This donation is coming to Timmy during an incredible period of growth for the Indianapolis non-profit.  Through a gift-matching campaign with Focusing Philanthropy, Timmy raised over $100,000 and is doing more than ever to combat global health disparity.  To learn more about Timmy Global Health, visit and check out the 2012-2013 Annual Report.

In addition to a successful investment cycle, Virtu brought on 19 LAMP sophomores and juniors as Associates, our largest group yet.  The group began the Investment Curriculum this week (despite freezing temperatures!) and will be given a crash course in investment practices and Virtu.  To learn more about the new Associates and current Managers and Partners, check out the bios of each member below!

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