About Voices

The Voices of Hope at Indiana University Gospel Choir was established in November 1973, by eight students and one advisor. The objectives of the choir are to provide personal and group expression of praise and thanksgiving to God through song, to minister the Word of God through song, and to uplift members of the choir.

In 1976, Voices of Hope secured a permanent place to worship at the Center for University Ministries. Today, Voices still rehearses there once a week for two hours.

Two years after its inception, Voices of Hope held its first Annual Spring Concert on March 15, 1975. In that same year, the group purchased robes and subsequent events displayed Gods blessings.

In 1981, an individual, who wished to remain anonymous, donated a sizeable contribution to the choir. After the robes were purchased, a Robe dedication service was held in April.

In 1982-83, 10 years after the founding, the choir organized a reunion weekend for previous members who had graduated and moved away. This weekend proved successful and was duplicated in fall 1993. A video tape of the 1993 event memorialize the moment and will show future Voices members how far it has come and where it must go.

The 1993 reunion concert was held at Bethel A.M.E. Church. Most of the choir's engagements are held in churches. However, the ministry does extend to various events such as Black History Month celebrations, gospel concerts and events at various college campuses, and so on. Even in these places, the choir is careful to view its singing as a ministry to the Lord and to others.

In 1994-95, the Lord took Voices to a new level. He continued to remind us to forget the former things. See, I do a new thing! Do you not perceive it? (Isaiah 43:18) Through prayer and fasting, the board sought the anointing and power of God for the choir.

In November 1998, the Lord blessed Voices to have its 25th year reunion. The Lord blessed at the concert which was held at Life Church. Banquets and other events were held the weekend of the concert for the bonding of both old and new members.

Over the years, the Lord has continued to bless Voices to grow exponentially on a spiritual level. Though the devil has tried to bring dissension among the choir with various tactics, the weight of the anointing the Lord has placed on the choir destroyed the devils plan, Praise God, Praise God!

Gods anointing on Voices was manifested during the Spring 2002 concert. The Lord allowed His spirit to move in the concert like never before and souls left differently than they were when they came. The concert was held at a spirit-filled anointed church; Cherry Hill Christian Center. It was not only a breakthrough for individuals in the audience, but for choir members as well. The Lord will continue to keep His anointing on Voices and the choir will continue to press toward the mark (Philippians 3:14).

This past year, the ministry celebrated 43 years of service to the Kingdom of God at Indiana University. With the strength of the Lord, we will continue to grow in His grace and continue to serve here on this campus for years and years to come.