How do I become a member of Voices?

The most important requirements membership is a love for the Lord and a desire to sing. Attending three consecutive rehearsals is required before singing at any engagements. Once membership is established, each member is expected to attend rehearsals and engagements on a regular basis, pay membership dues, and adhere to all rules set forth by the choir. Non-students are welcomed to join the choir as well. Feel free to email us at voh@indiana.edu for more information about joining the choir.

Do I have to be a student to join Voices?

Anyone that has love for the Lord and desire to sing is welcomed to join. Read the answer to "How do I become a member of Voices?" for more information about how to join the choir.

When and where does Voices rehearse?

Rehearsals are held on every Tuesday at 7:30 pm unless otherwise announced. The location for these rehearsals is the Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center, Room A201.

What is the purpose of Voices ?

Voices is a gospel choir on the Indiana University Bloomington campus. Its purpose is to minister the word of God through song and praise. About Voices

How do I request for Voices to sing at a function?

The best way to submit a request for Voices to sing at an engagement is by email (voh@indiana.edu).

A request may also be mailed to the following address:

IU Voices of Hope, 275 N. Jordan Ave, Room A226, Bloomington, IN 47406

All submissions should include a date, time, location (including directions if outside of Bloomington, IN), an approximate amount of desired songs, as well as any other information that may be helpful to the choir.

Requests for engagements will be discussed by the board and then presented to the entire choir. Please send all requests well in advance. Each engagement normally requires at least two weeks notice due to the challenge of coordinating the schedules of choir members.

What type of engagements are accepted by Voices?

Over the years, Voices has participated in several different types of events; including, but not limited to, church services, concerts, memorials, and many more. It is a rare occasion that Voices is not willing to sing at an engagement. Most engagements that are not accepted by Voices are a result of some uncontrollable conflict and not the nature of the event. All requests are welcome and will receive ample consideration.

What is the significance of this website?

This website is to attend to interested individuals and organizations that desire to receive an update as to when and where Voices will minister. It is also used to maintain contact with both past and current members of the choir.