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The Capital Finance & Reporting (CFR) Division manages the business functions for University Architects Office, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Construction Management and Engineering in all construction projects system wide. This includes: financial transactions, analysis and reporting; eBuilder system support; construction management business support; and general administrative support.

Finance & Reporting   

The finance function of the CFR Division is responsible for all accounting transactions related to Indiana University construction projects. The finance area initiates the projects with the original creation of the project.  This includes accounts payable, accounts receivable, project budgeting, and sub-account routing. Our main task is to deliver the most effective and efficient support for capital projects.  In addition, we strive to effectively communicate information important to a smooth operation.

Financial Transactions

We are responsible for the accuracy, quality and validity for the monthly analysis of each capital projects transaction and record in the project cost model for each project account.  In the project cost models, we look at the project cost estimates, encumbrances and actual spend.


We are continually looking to expand the reporting environment by leveraging and connecting our current systems: eBuilder, KFS, AIM-MMS; into relevant reports that can be presented in numerical and graphical arrangement. In addition, the reporting team provides complex reports for various reconciliations and management tools related to system wide R&R funds.


The eBuilder function of the CFR Division is responsible for providing an environment that routes approvals, houses documents and facilitates coordination required in a project lifecycle. Additionally, eBuilder collects reportable data that aids in assessing project level needs and global trends.

Construction Management    

The CFR Division supports the Construction Management Team by processing change orders, monitoring the entirety of the warranty process, creating monthly Construction Management Project Reports and emergency contact lists of our various contractors, collecting and distributing substantial completions and assisting our construction managers.