As a reminder, computer user information, polices, and procedures are highlighted below.  Please take a few minutes to review this information.  

  • When you need IT services of any kind (computer support, programming requests, permissions, equipment, etc.) enter a service request at:  If you have an urgent matter (your computer will not start for instance), please call your computer support person directly.  Use of the request system ensures nothing is missed in personal email, we can better cover for IT staff when they are out of the office, and you will receive email regarding the status of your request.
  • Computer equipment issued to you is the standard bundle received by everyone.  If you require different or additional equipment, please contact your manager who will then work with IT.  The replacement period for new equipment is approximately 3 years.
  • We are unable to support your personal equipment.  This includes peripherals such as mice, keyboards, etc. that you might want to use at work.   
  • Storing personal files (not work related) such as photos, music, videos, movies, etc. is prohibited on the servers (any mapped drive other than the “C” drive you have access to).  In some cases, it is illegal to download/save such files and it is each employee’s responsibility to not use IU resources for illegal activity.  If you desire to have personal files stored at IU, you may consider a Box account from UITS -
  • If you require specialized software for your work, you should enter a request after receiving your manager’s approval.  The IT group will review the software for security, compatibility, licensing, and other issues.  Once the approval process is complete and the software is purchased, if necessary, the software will be installed.   Computer users are not allowed to download or install software on their computer.