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Academic & Student Affairs

Academic Affairs

The OVPGC advises on academic programs and policies, academic appointments, promotion and tenure, non-reappointment, and termination decisions, as well as faculty grants and fellowships. The OVPGC also represents the University in most grievance matters.

For useful links to the University Academic Handbook, Campus Academic Handbooks, Campus Faculty Councils and other useful information, see the University Academic Planning & Policy site.

*Attorneys in the OVPGC do not provide legal advice to faculty in their personal matters.

Student Affairs

The OVPGC assists campus administrators and their reporting units in the interpretation of academic policies and laws governing higher education. The OVPGC advises on the development of policies governing students, participates in the administrative process for admitting and disciplining or dismissing students, and advises the University regarding the activities of student organizations.

*Attorneys in the OVPGC do not provide legal advice to students or to independent student organizations.

Student Affairs Issues include:

  • Athletics
  • Career services
  • Civil rights, discrimination and disability
  • Discipline and leave processes
  • Financial aid
  • Housing issues
  • Immigration
  • Restitution/property damage
  • Risk Assessment
  • Student organizations and activities
  • Travel and overseas programs

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