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First Amendment

Indiana University recognizes and encourages freedom of expression on its campuses. All students, faculty, staff, and visitors have the right to voice their opinions, to assemble, and to engage in peaceful demonstrations in accordance with the U.S. Constitution. At the same time, these activities need to be conducted in a way that does not disrupt regular University operations including, but not limited to, classes, study, research, campus events, on-campus living, and access to facilities.

All eight campuses of Indiana University have areas that have been, as a matter of formal designation or historic practice, popular spots for the exercise of free speech based on their location, size, patterns of foot traffic, etc. However, most outdoor locations may be used as long the speech activities do not result in the disruption of University functions.

University places priority on the use of its facilities to the advancement of the academic mission of the University and that the University has a responsibility to protect the safety of students, faculty, staff, visitors, and property.

While no reservations are required to use outdoor University space for free speech, most campuses allow priority reservation for spaces by organizations that wish to conduct their events on particular dates or times. Reservations are generally on a first come-first served basis.

Free speech activities are subject to reasonable time, place and manner regulation, consistent with the United States Constitution. Faculty, staff, students and visitors are welcome to exercise their right to free speech so long as their expressive activity does not:

  • Block ingress or egress to buildings, sidewalks, and streets
  • Disrupt academic activity or university-sponsored events (depending on the circumstances, the use of amplified sound, displays, tables or electricity may be affected)
  • Threaten others
  • Utilize temporary or permanent structures

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