Legal Practice Areas

Subpoenas and Requests for University Records

The OVPGC is responsible for responding to requests for University records, including subpoenas served on IU employees, search warrants, and open records requests. Any IU faculty or staff member who receives a subpoena in the course and scope of the their employment with IU should forward it to the OVPGC as soon as it is received, and the attorneys in the OVPGC will help ensure that IU’s response is made pursuant to its legal obligations.

Search Warrants

A search warrant is a written court order authorizing law enforcement officers or governmental agents to search specifically described areas. If a law enforcement officer or governmental agent presents a search warrant, IU faculty and staff should ask to see the agent’s identification, request to have a copy of the search warrant, call the OVPGC, and, after consulting with the OVPGC, allow the search to occur.

Other Inquiries from Outside Attorneys or Investigators

From time to time, attorneys, investigators, or insurance company representatives contact IU faculty and staff to request information about IU, its students, employees, or faculty members, without a warrant or a subpoena. Whenever faculty or staff members are contacted by attorneys or investigators who are requesting information, documents, or other evidence without a warrant or a subpoena, they should not disclose any information and should immediately notify the OVPGC about the inquiry. The inquiring person should be referred directly to the OVPGC, and IU attorneys can work with the outside attorney or investigator regarding an appropriate response.

Open Records Requests

As a public institution, IU is subject to Indiana’s Access to Public Records Act (“APRA”).  Any IU faculty or staff member who receives an open records request should direct the requesting party to the OVPGC website to complete and submit the Request for Public Record Form following the instructions below.

Submitting an Open Records Request

Open records requests may be made pursuant to the Indiana Access to Public Records Act, IC § 5-14-3.

To submit an open records request, you must complete and submit IU’s Request for Public Record Form. Pursuant to IC § 5-14-3-3(f), lists of names and addresses may not be disclosed to any individual or entity for political purposes or to commercial entities for commercial purposes.  If the record being requested is a list of names and addresses, the Affidavit of Noncommercial and Nonpolitical Use must also be completed.

Please note that there may be copy costs associated with responding to your request. If copies are needed, the OVPGC will follow-up with you to confirm copy costs.