Compliance at Indiana University

HIPAA Privacy and Security

HIPAA Compliance Education

All personnel working in an IU HIPAA Affected Area or students in programs in certain health science schools are required to obtain training related to the regulatory obligations applicable to the HIPAA Privacy and Security requirements on an annual basis.  Individuals can meet the annual HIPAA training requirement through any of the following options:

I.     Complete one of the E Training HIPAA Modules

The online training modules are available through One.IU and does require an IU Network log-on. 

To access the training modules: 

Be sure to add:  E Training (All IU Campuses) as a favorite to your One account.

For more information please go to the instruction link listed below:

Faculty, Staff, Residents, Affiliates & VolunteersInstructions for Enrolling or Re-enrolling

StudentsInstructions for Enrolling or Re-enrolling

II.    New Employee HIPAA Training through E Training

New Employees should complete the New Employee HIPAA Training Module available through E Training.   

The module is narrated:  Instructions for Enrolling in the New Employee HIPAA Training Module

III.  Attend an In-person Training

If a group of individuals in an IU HIPAA Affected Area would prefer to attend in-person training, that can be arranged.  Please provide adequate advanced notice.  Contact the office via email or phone call to arrange a training session.  (See Contacts page)

IV.   Credit Given for Attendance at HIPAA Training Offered through IU Affiliates

If someone in an IU HIPAA Affected Area has attended HIPAA training through one of IU's affiliates such as IU Health, IU Health Physicians, Eskenazi. Rodebush Veterans Administration Medical Center, etc., that session can count towards the person's annual HIPAA training requirement.  The individual must provide documentation of attendance to their HIPAA Liaison for tracking purposes.

V.     HIPAA Training Received within Your Unit

If an IU HIPAA Affected Area provides HIPAA training to individuals in their unit, that training can be counted towards the annual HIPAA training requirement.  Each unit's HIPAA Liaison should have documentation to support an individual's attendance.

VI.    Mobile Device Security Training and Certification

Anyone in an IU HIPAA Affected Area who uses a mobile device for work purposes (even if it is just accessing an IU email account), must complete the Mobile Device Security Training as well as sign the Mobile Device Certification.  The training module will counts towards the annual HIPAA training requirement.

Accessing the Mobile Device Security Training module through E Training  (See page 2)

Completing the Mobile Device Certification Electronically

**Additional Information**

List of IU HIPAA Affected Areas & designated HIPAA Liaisons

Instructions for Printing a training certificate from E Training  (See page 3)

If you need to re-take a training module - you must re-enroll to get credit.  Please go to Catalog and Re-enroll, don't just re-take the module as your certificate will not reflect an updated completion or expiration date.