Sample Agreements

On this page you will find sample agreements commonly used by the University. These are intended to assist University personnel in understanding their terms and in expediting the approval process on a particular agreement with an external entity. Please remember that final agreements must be reviewed and approved by the OVPGC, and in most cases, may only be executed by the Treasurer.

Affiliation Agreements: Many students at Indiana University participate in clinical or practicum experiences at external facilities including hospitals, schools, and other service locations. (Click here for a list of such facilities.) Below is the acceptable affiliation agreement template for clinical-based placements of University students at external facilities along with instructions on processing affiliation agreements. Academic Coordinators within the University may use this agreement as a starting point to finalizing an acceptable agreement with the external facility.

Non-Disclosure Agreements: When exchanging confidential information with an external entity, it is often useful and necessary to agree to non-disclosure of that information. The attached Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is the standard agreement acceptable for this purpose. You may use this agreement as a starting point to finalizing an acceptable NDA with the external entity.

Appointment Letters: When the University hires a new administrator, an appointment letter is used to document the terms and conditions of the administrative position. The Standard Appointment Letter presents the University’s preferred language for new faculty and administrative appointments. University officials who are responsible for making administrative appointments may use this template as a starting point when drafting appointment letters.

Agreements with Overseas Institutions: A University unit interested in a partnership or formal collaboration with an overseas institution must submit an application to the Office of the Vice President for International Affairs here. Standard templates for agreements with foreign institutions can be found here.

Professional Services Agreements for work conducted abroad: Indiana University is an internationally recognized institution with a wide variety of activities and programs that are conducted abroad. Sometimes these activities require the university to engage the professional services of non-employee contractors to provide their services overseas.  These contractors may be may be US or non-US citizens.  Two sample agreements (one for US Citizens working abroad, and one for Non-US Citizens) are provided as a starting point or template for this purpose.  These agreements must be approved by the Office of Procurement Services Purchasing Department to be enforceable.

Facility License Agreement: When an individual or entity wants to rent a university facility for a non-university-affiliated purpose or function, the terms governing that use should be memorialized in an agreement between the parties. Some of the terms addressed in this template include the requested time and purpose of the use, fees, catering, liability, and insurance. IU employees who manage the use of a specific facility may work with the OVPGC to tailor this template to fit the needs of that facility.