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Cassie's Corner
Fall 2004 Events
Fri, Sep. 10
Fri, Sep. 17
Fri, Oct. 15
Fri, Nov. 5

Spring 2005 Events
Fri, Jan 21
Fri, Feb

Tsunami Relief Banquet

Sat, Mar 26
Buskirk Chumley Theather

Cultural Cooking Night 2 (Pho Night)

Fri, April 1
Wed, April 20
Whittenberger Auditorium

ACC Welcome Back

This was one of the most memorable events for me. Many student organizations had set up booths. There were beautiful displays and plenty of information to go browsing through. If you were interested in which kind of organizations IU had to offer and what they did, this was the place to be. In addition, the delicious free food! But what sticks out the most in my mind though was the karaoke singing... But all in all, I had a blast. ^_^

See you around,

Fall Mass Meeting

Ah, the first official meeting and I believe the longest one. I'll be honest and admit that I didn't think that many people would show up but I was wrong. Phew! It was such a nice turnout that I was like "wow..." But with such an awesome organization, not to mention a very cool historian, who wouldn't show up? ;) Well the meeting kicked off with introductions from all our board members: Trang, Tu, Chi, Thuy, Jackie, and myself. (For more information about us, please visit our executive bios.) Unfortunately, Tu is no longer with us though he'll always remain in our hearts (hey, are you asking yourself who Tu is? Shame on you! :P)

We discussed our goals for the year and benefits of being a VSA member. Yup, you heard me, benefits of being a VSA member! For just $10, you’d receive a laminated card with our patented but not really patented VSA letters, your name, and at least 10 discounts from local stores and restaurants! Additionally, Chi had an excellent analogy demonstrating that together we're stronger. With a single chopstick, it can be easily snapped in half. Chi asked for a volunteer from our audience, Mauricio, to attempt to break in half a bunch of chopsticks. I was willing to shell out $5 if someone did. Ooooooo. It was so suspenseful because I don't know what we would have said if anyone did break them (not to mention the lost of $5). But it worked out fine and I got to keep my $5 ^_^ . Afterwards, we let everyone loose to eat yummy food and mingle. Thanks toLucky Express, Subway, and the CASI board, our event attracted over 50 people. Also, thanks to our lovely and talented musicians, Kittisak and Joyce.

Xin chao,

Cultural Cooking - Bun Rieu (Crab Noodle Soup) and Goi Cuon (Spring Rolls)

By far, this event had the most turn-out compared to all our other events. More than 60 people from the IU campus and Bloomington community showed up. On behalf of the VSA executive board, I would like to thank chi Thuy (not the one on the board), Long, Lina, Joyce, Andy, Thang, other VSA volunteers and the ACC.Without them, this event wouldn't have been possible.

For those who didn't come, you missed out!! :( The girls of the board decided to get all pretty up for everyone so we busted out our traditional dress, the Ao Dai (pronounced "Ow y Ai"). Jackie unfortunately couldn't make it to this event but we introduced a new executive member. Say hello to Jessica, our new secretary! You might recognize that name from all the emails you get ^_^ .

The point of that night was to demonstrate how to make Bun Rieu and Goi Cuon. Can you say "yummy"? I don't know about you guys but I was seriously lacking good food lately and was glad to actually eat REAL food. Oh did I mention free?? Our lovely chi Thuy had not only made the food but also demonstrated how to cook it. Afterwards, people lined up to eat and converse with each other. Although this event had a lot of work put into it, it was all worth it in the end. I vote that we have another night just devoted to food and if we do, (I think that's going to be Pho Night) I'll see you there right? :) If you would like a copy of the recipes, email us at vsa@indiana.edu and we'll send you one.

Faithfully yours,

People and Place

Once again, VSA wants to thank Subway for donating cookies and Papa John’s for supplying the pizza. If you missed out on our modeling of our traditional dress, then you could've came to this event to catch us in the act one last time. Hmmm... I don't know if we'll wear them again but we might so come to the next event ok? :P Again Jackie couldn't make it to this event. Sadly, Jackie had decided to resign due to various reasons. Good luck on your internship, Jackie! So now, we're just a board made up of girls....

That night, VSA was on a mission to educate our audience about Vietnam. This was one of our more serious events where various topics were covered. People, places, and tales of personal experiences made it all interesting. I hope we did a good job presenting Vietnam. I apologize for my pronunciations for I haven't learned to read and write Vietnamese yet but I'm going to! (Every Friday at the ACC, free Vietnamese lessons are given from 2-3pm by chi Thao. I'll see you there ^_^) Jessica who's not Vietnamese (she's Taiwanese) did even a better job than I did with the pronunciations... :'( Hey I learned a lot of things too. I'll know that Halong Bay isn't in the middle of China now... guess you had to be there: P Trang, Chi, and Thuy all did a great job on presenting the places and culture of the central and south regions of Vietnam. Jessica and I talked about the north region. Lots of great questions were asked. The general atmosphere was relaxed as people stayed for pizza and chatted afterwards. It was fun!

Until next time,

Bowling Night

To be honest when someone told me there was a bowling alley inside the IMU, I thought it was a joke. But long and behold there was a bowling alley between the arcade and Burger King. Since we received a lot of response for a bowling night, we gave it to you :) Besides our board members, we had a few of our members show up to eat Subway and play a couple rounds of bowling together.

If you're looking for a place to hook up with other people, this place is a good place to do so. The dark alley, music, and neon lights set an enjoyable atmosphere. At least I think so... I had a blast since I hadn't bowled in forever (kind of showed in my scores lol). Although, I would have won a game if it hadn't been for two mischievous guys who decided to distract me for my last bowl -_-' Oh well. I hope that we'll get to do this again and more people will come to hang out. Come show off your bowling skills and then laugh at mine.

Bai Bai,

Spring Mass Meeting

Here we are back for another semester at IU and for another semester full of VSA events. Luckily, our board survived from losing more executives so that's a plus! Many of our members came and listened to what we had planned for them this semester. When we opened the discussion to our members, they gave a lot of wonderful comments and suggestions. Thank you! It's always great to receive feedback so we, the VSA board, can do our jobs better to give everyone what they want. If there are any more suggestions or questions, please feel free to email us :) I'm looking forward to this semester's events such as Tet (Lunar New Year), Pho Night, Tsunami Relief Banquet, and Mr. & Mrs. Asia. See you around!


Tet (Lunar New Year)

Things went as planned on this event although more people showed up than we expected, which is never a bad thing ^_^ I was a little worried that there wasn't enough room for everyone so we'll plan that out better for next year's Tet. A little tidbit you might want to know is that next year's Tet is going to be even bigger but you didn't hear that from me...

The ACC was a great place to hold the event because we split the center into North, Central and South Vietnam . Each section was wonderfully decorated with little tidbits about the unique customs in each of those regions. For example, North Vietnam usually uses pink/red blossoms and South Vietnam usually uses yellow blossoms for Tet. Again, I had fun researching this holiday because my mother still practices the customs here in the United States and I had never fully understood why she did some of the things she did. She had freaked out once when I tried to take out the garbage on Tet and I was like, "Ooookay... I can't throw out the garbage on Tet... Yea!!" Supposedly, it's very bad luck to take out the garbage on Tet because it's like throwing out your good luck as well. Remember that and you'll have good luck for the rest of the year, hmmm... ^_~ We also had the traditional food item made for Tet called Banh Chung for everyone to sample. I hope people liked it since it's one of my favorites too. Our next event is Pho Night so come by and sample even more delicious Vietnamese food!


Tsunami Relief Banquet

The ACC organized this event where many of the student organizations had chipped in to raise money for those who had suffered during the tsunami earlier this year. Three guest speakers from IU were overseas in Indonesia during the time and had survived the tsunami. Their stories were unbelievable, touching, and informative. Afterwards, students performed amazing dances and the audience listened to wonderful violin playing. Of course, there was delicious food donated by various local restaurants to help the cause. Thank you to everyone who made this event a success and who helped out by donating. This event had definitely earned its place as one of the most important events that VSA had joined to do this year.


Mr. & Mrs. Asia

Thanks to Lena Le and Andy Nguyen for doing such a wonderful job representing VSA in this year's Mr. and Mrs. Asia show. Sadly, we didn't place but I thought we were still pretty cool. Lena was so pretty and Andy was so hot playing his guitar. I know how much time and energy they spent in preparing for the show so they'll always be winners in my book. Conner, Tu, and Connie also get a star for helping out by being in the skit. Thank you!

I highly suggest that people attend this event and check out the amazing talent we have here in our Asian student groups. Congratulations to PERMIAS Mianda and Ferry for winning the competition!


Cultural Cooking Night 2 (Pho Night)

Okay, let me say I appreciate anyone who makes Pho. I was appointed the job of making the broth for the Pho but the problem was I didn't know how to make it. Luckily, I had all of Spring Break to learn how. I only watched my mom make it and I was like piece of cake. I was wrong (well it could have been easy if I had patience but I don't lol). Thursday afternoon came and I started making the broth. Phew, it takes a looonnngg time (6 hours). I hope people enjoyed the Pho and forgive me if it didn't taste good >_<

Besides Pho, the rest of the board and a few volunteers made the Spring Rolls we had during the first cultural cooking night and the mixed fruits dessert. I was a little down that I didn't get any Spring Rolls because so many people showed up. I was silently praying that there was enough food for everyone. I think everyone at least had sampled something, which was a relief. Did you like the dessert? I know I did, yummy!

I apologize for forgetting the camera and therefore there aren't many pictures about Pho Night. Sorry! >_<

Can't wait until the next time,

Kieu Chinh
Actress and Humanitatian activist

Topics: A Journey Home: Kieu Chinh's Path to Success
Asian American Awareness and Identity
When: April 20th, 2005, 7-8:30PM
Where: Whittenberger Auditorium
Sponsored by IU Union Board
Co-Sponsored by Vietnamese Student Association

  • Born in Vietnam, lost most of her family in the war
  • Became a well-known star in Indochina, but lost everything again when Saigon fell
  • Came to America to continue pursuit of her career
  • Co-chairperson of the Vietnam Memorial Association, an organization dedicated to rebuilding schools in areas of Vietnam
  • Deemed "Refugee of the Year" by the US Congress in 1990
  • Received the "Warrior Woman Award" from the Asian Pacific Women's Network
  • Emmy awarding winning documentary of her life by FOX: Kieu Chinh, And Journey Home
  • Acted in the film : Joy Luck Club as June's mother.
Additional Information:
"Kieu Chinh" Greater Talent Network, Inc.

My Good-Byes

Well guys that is all from me this year. I want to say it has been a blast working with the other talented executives to plan events for you all. I couldn't have asked for better people to work with. I, being a freshman, had a lot of help getting around campus and figuring how things worked at IU thanks to the guidance of the board members and members.

Thanks to chi Thao for continuing giving Vietnamese lessons at the ACC and I hope I can show off to my parents what I had learned this year (heh heh :D).

Unfortunately, I will not continue being VSA's historian. However, you still haven't seen the last of me for I'm now next year's Treasurer. (Aww you were glad for a second weren't you, thinking you got rid of me. That's not nice :P). Since I know how things work now, I look forward to making next year even better than this year. It will be difficult since I believe this year was awesome but I know we can do it with your help. ^_^ I'll have the pleasure of working with Thuy and Jessica again and Mike, Joyce, Connie, and hopefully my brother, Brandon, for the 2005-2006 year.

Finally, let's all give a warm welcome to next year's historian, Joyce Chan! I now gladly give up my camera and corner to Joyce. Unfortunately, that makes me more vulnerable to being the person in front of the camera instead of behind it but I'll come up with something to hide from Joyce bwahahaha.

Have a wonderful summer everyone and see you next year,

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