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Joyce's & Chi's Corner
Fall 2006 Events
Friday, Sept 16 7-9PM
IC, 111 S. Jordan
Saturday, Sept 24 4-5PM
ACC, 807 E. 10th St.
Lotus Multi-cultural Festival
Sunday, Sept 25 12-5pm
Kirkwood Ave.
Friday, Oct 7 4-6PM
IC, 111 S. Jordan
Members-only Event:
Casino Night
Friday, Oct 21 8-11PM
Woodbridge Clubhouse
VSA Culture Cooking Night
Friday, Nov 4 6-9pm
McNutt Quad Dining Hall

Spring 2006 Events
Fri, Jan. 20
IC, 111 S. Jordan
Fri, Jan. 20
IC, 111 S. Jordan

Purdue and Indy Trip

Fri, Jan. 20 - Sat, Jan. 21
Fri, Feb. 3
IC, 111 S. Jordan
Fri, Feb. 10
Committee Potluck Dinner Friday, Feb 24 7-9PM Woodbridge
Fri, March 3
Farewell Celebration Night Friday, April 7 6-9PM IC, 111 S. Jordan

Fall 2005 Mass Meeting
Friday, September 16th, 2005

Welcome you all to the family of VSA!!! No matter you're a Vietnamese or not, VSA is the place for you! You get to mingle with awesome people (like me.hahajust joking) during VSA meetings, on top of that, you'll get to enjoy tasty FREE food! Most importantly, our new board members are all very devoted, and we're always trying our best to serve you! Okieenough of promotion for VSA, let me tell you what has happened during our first Mass Meeting.

We were all pretty anxious about the attendance rate before the meeting, since our publicity didn't go as well as we planned (our chalking around the campus got washed off after the rain on the night we just chalked! What a waste! People didn't even get a chance to see it.) But thanks to YOU ALL! YES! YOU! Your presence at the meeting has made our day!

The meeting first started with an introduction of the new executive board of 2005 to 2006: Thuy, Jessica, Cassie, Connie, Mike, and last but not least the awesome historian Joycie. We presented our goals and missions, plans for upcoming events and membership benefits. Talking about membership benefits, you can't miss out our membership card. We've got 15 restaurants and grocery stores joining our incentive program this year that will offer great discounts to our members. It only costs $10 to get the membership card, and you'll get to enjoy all these benefits! After the presentation, we all got to enjoy some nice Chinese food and to mingle with others.

It was a very nice evening, and it's always great to see YOU enjoying your time spent in our meeting. I'm excited to see you all again!

Joycie ^______^

Ice Cream Social
Friday, September 24th, 2005

This was a very special occasion for us, since it's the FIRST ice cream social in VSA history and also our FIRST members-only event this semester! There were around 20 lovely members there, and they got to enjoy some super delicious ice cream! We've got all the flavors: Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia, Haggen Daz's Banana Foster, Godiva's Dark Chocolate The combination of ice cream with chit-chatting was a really enjoyable experience. When you see all the smiley faces on the pictures I took, then you'll know what I mean. For those who missed the event, are you drooling yet? Don't worry, we're going to have a members-only casino night on October 21 st , and I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun as well!

PS: I'd also like to thank ACC for providing us the venue.

Coffee Hour
Friday, October 7th 2005

It was a lot of fun doing the coffee hour! We did a presentation on Vietnamese culture and traditions. We talked about the baby shower (Vietnamese does it a month after the birth the baby instead of a month before), Tet (Vietnamese New Year), the marriage ceremony, and the rituals for honoring the dead. In order to make it more interesting, each of us contributed something special to the presentation. Twee contributed some of her valuable baby pictures (yes.that was her in the pictures at the beginning of the slideshow, wasn't she cute? Hehe). Remember the wedding ceremony DVDs? It's actually the wedding of Cassie's and Brandon's cousin! We also performed two skits, and I was acting in both of them! I have to say that Connie was a good narrator; she knew when to stop for us to have enough time to act. I know I wasn't a good actress, but it seemed like most of you were laughing at the skits! No matter whether you're laughing at how bad my acting was or you truly thought that the skits were interesting; it was my pleasure to provide you with some entertainment! Mike and Brandon also performed in the skits, and I think they were hilarious..hahaha Everyone did a good job during the presentation, and the Coffee Hour was ended with some mingling and chit-chat.

It was really great to see you there, and I hope you've learnt a little more about Vietnamese traditions!


Members-only Event: VSA Social Night
Friday, March 3rd

To relax and to get together with our members, we decided to host VSA night at the ACC, last Feb 3 rd , 2006. Connie and I wanted to keep it simple and fun, so we served pizza, pops and bubble tea. Unfortunately, the drink mix for the bubble tea didn't turn out well (oopsie =P) so we only had the bubble but everyone still found it pretty good with soda. We also had a good time chatting. People were even discussing about globalization and Ann Coulter lecture which just happened recently made the night more interesting and sociable. There was also a ma-jong and poker table and I saw how Ann was very excited learning how to gamble ;P. At the same time, some members were playing Takken 4 and I had a lot of fun beating Chung-Ru (haha). It lasted for about 2hrs and a half then the night ended with a friendly goodbye. Everyone was happy for having a good time and looking forward to the next chance to hang out.

Lovely historian - Chi

Members-only Event: Indy Trip
Friday, February 10th

INDY TRIP!!! It was a fun day out to Indy with our members and also the purdue vsa crew! We started off the day by having lunch at Circle Center, downtown Indy. Then, we split up and everyone dashed off to their favourite shops. After everyone got all tierd, we gathered in a chinese restaurant and had dinner. I think this was the greatest part where 20 people gathered around a big table, ate good food and most importantly HAVE FUN!!!

It was really great to have a day loose of homework or exams, just relax and have fun with a bunch of people. Those who had to stay home and study, I'M SORRY -- YOU MISSED THE FUN! Join us next time though!

Yea, its mike -- not chi! Cool huh~

Tet Night
Friday, February 3rd

Needless to say, TET was a blast. We hosted it at the IC and guess what, more than 150 people came! YAY!

We started off with some performances in the basement. The first performance was about Banh Chung (the Vietnamese traditional rice cake for New Year). We showed how the king determined his heir through having his sons make the best dish and how the dish became well known/famous. The second performance was from the Folktale The Origin of Tao Quan , about the Three Kitchen Gods. One of my instructors came and attended the event, and I was so happy when he told me how much he enjoyed the show. (GOOD JOB GUYS!)

Now to the exciting part: GAMES. We included many games such as Fortune Telling (picking out your fortune from a chopstick), gambling (crap game), and Horseback Kicking. Among these games, crap game was the most popular. Some always lost and some always won. A guy who placed his bet 3 times, won 3 times (UH OH!). If this game was for real money then we will be in big trouble LOLZ.

After a while we started serving food. The whole building has 3 main sections: the lounge, the conference room, and the basement. At each place, we have different kind of food, representing the different areas of Vietnam . The food was soooo yummie, especially the rice cake and the banana cake!

By the end of the night, we gave out prizes from the raffle tickets and the presents were really nice. We got some gift certificates and candies, pretty vases, etc. Everyone was excited and to conclude the night, we did Beating of the Spring Ox and thanks to our wonderful Connie, we had a clay puppie to fit with the year of the dog.

It was a beautiful night, thanks to our awesome board and great committee, plus cool members and friends. I hope you guys all enjoyed it like I did and I cant wait til we can do it again next year haha.


Purdue and Indy Trip
Friday, January 20th, 2006 - Saturday, January 21st, 2006

To help celebrate TET (Vietnamese Lunar New Year), our VSA decided to perform at the TET festival in Indy, among the Vietnamese community. The night before that, we went to Purdue and mingled with their VSA. I was so glad that I came along and met new awesome people. Purdue VSA is so nice and we had a great time together. We played games, talked, ate and all of us, about 20 people spent the night at Jimmy (Webmaster/Historian) and Nhat's (Treasure) apartment. :D The night was officially over by 3:30 am and at 6:00 am, our Purdue friends already had to leave for Indy, we stayed for a little longer, and left at 9am.

When we arrived to Indy, it was already like 11am.Right then our performers started to rehearse. The show lasted for about 3 hours and I really enjoyed listening to traditional Vietnamese TET songs.

After the show, we had dinner together there at a nice little Vietnamese restaurant and said goodbye to out friends. We headed home after a long day with joy and fun. I can't wait until the next time us all can get together. Thanks Purdue VSA!


Spring Mass Meeting
Friday, January 20th, 2006

It was my first official mass meeting being on the board and I must say I had so much fun! J .We saw many familiar faces, but also new ones which is very exciting. The board did a little introduction at the beginning, letting all of our members know about the officers, past events and future ones. Michael also told everyone about how neat our website is =D. After that is mingling time! ;) Oh boy! Everybody was so friendly and out going. I myself made some new cool friends. It is always great to get to talk to our members, also listen to their opinions and ideas! Thanks guys, for coming and share some time with us. Hope to see ya again soon! =)


Coffee Hour
Friday, January 20th, 2006

Coffee Hour was a lot of fun. Connie and I did a presentation on a documentary film, A Dream in Ha Noi. It is about Vietnam and the relationship between a Vietnamese and American production company. Our members and visitors found the presentation really interesting and entertaining. We all enjoyed it! VSA also served Vietnamese coffee which took Cassie the whole day to make. It tasted absolutely great with condensed milk. For food, there were Subway sandwiches. I could tell that everyone loved it! If you were not there, come and join us next time, I am sure we will all have fun together! =)


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