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Cassandra Tran

Welcome everyone! I would like to be the first to start off the introductions from our lovely 2006-2007 executive board. My name is Cassandra Tran, currently a junior, 3rd year running as an exec member, and my intent is to make it to medical school with a Chemistry degree. With that all said and done, I'm thrilled to have a more active role to further extend VSA's previous goals of promoting diversity and becoming more active within the campus and community. We can't do that without your help though! How you can show us your support is as simple as just showing up to our events. We enjoy planning and executing the events we put on throughout the year but it'll all be for naught if you all don't come. All of our events are free of admission so there's no reason for you not to come and have some fun :) If you would like to contact me for any reason, my email is catran@indiana.edu. Without further ado, won't you meet my fellow minions.... *cough* sorry I meant my fellow board members? ^______^

Brandon Tran
Vice President

Hey everyone! Welcome back from summer break and into a whole new year of VSA events. I'm Brandon Tran from Valparaiso, Indiana and this is my second year on the board, this time as Vice President - External. I am pursuing a career in dentistry majoring in biology and minoring in psychology. I'm looking forward to planning and throwing fun events for our members this year and networking with other schools. I hope to meet many of our returning members and also see some fresh new faces. Feel free to introduce yourself to me and other members of the board if we do not introduce ourselves to you first. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via vsa@indiana.edu or facebook me. Have a great year at IU and see you around.

Chi Le
Internal Vice President

Hi everyone, I'm Chi Le, a sophomore majoring in Business and Apperal Merchandising. I'm very happy to be on the board again this year and for sure, we will all work our best and give you everything that VSA has to offer. If you have any question, feel free to email me at Chle@indiana.edu. I hope to see you at our future events. Bye for now. ^___^

Thao Le

Chao, all!!! My name is Thao Le. I am from Fort Wayne. I am a sophomore and am currently pursuing a degree in chemistry. Well, this is my first year on the executive board. I hope that everyone will enjoy all the great events that we will have. If you have any questions about VSA I'm sure you could e-mail me lett@indiana.edu. However, I can't guarantee I'll have the answers but I could definitely direct you in the right directions towards Cassie. Just kidding, I'll try my best. Well, if you're a member then "fantastic" but if you're not I'm sure you have some interest in being one since you're taking time out to read our information. If so, give it a try and go to one of our events. Well, that's all for now... have a great year at school see you around!!! ;)

Greg Solon
Assistant Secretary

Hello, I'm Greg Solon. This is my first year in the VSA and I am a freshman. I am currently exploratory. This year I am filling half of the VSA's secretary position. If you for some reason would like to email me, my email address is gsolon@indiana.edu. I currently have a great interest in experiencing and learning the Vietnamese culture and language. Hope to see you at a member event.

John Tyler Fields

John Fields will be your 2006 VSA treasurer. John, a Leo, enjoys long walks on the beach, reading romance novels by the fire, and candle-lit dinners with the one's he loves. He spends most of his time cooking, eating what he cooked, and complaining about what he just ate. When not doing that, he occasionally studies to earn dual degrees in Political Science and Public Affairs as well as how to build needlessly tall playing card structures. He does this with the hopes of some day accumulating enough money to be a househusband and to write the next great-American novel (it will be about robots). In the summertime and fall he works at Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio, his second home that he always regrets visiting. His first home is with the President and Design Coordinator of the VSA, and yes, this living arrangement is as terrible as you just imagined it. He is looking forward to a great year working with the VSA and hopes the executive board can do as well as ones in the past. If you need to get a hold of John Fields you can use his IU email: jotfield@indiana.edu. Oh, and also he isn't Vietnamese.

Yun Lu

Hello everyone. My name is YunJing Lu and this is my first year on the VSA executive board. I am a sophomore at IUB and I'm majoring in the speech hearing and science. my email address were yqlu@indiana.edu We have some great events planned for this year so I hope I will get to meet anyone there. cya-_-

John Nguyen
Director of Fundraising

Hey hey! My name is John Nguyen and I have the pleasure of being the new Head of Finance for VSA. I am from Fort Wayne, Indiana and this is my first year on the executive board. I am a sophomore studying business (finance) at old IU. I am looking forward to being a part of VSA and meeting all of you =D If you have any questions or just want to holla at me, do it by email at jlnguyen@indiana.edu. See you around B-town!

Jun Yin

Hihi, I am webmistress Jun Yin. I am a junior majoring in biochemistry and minoring in computer science. I've done web design as a hobby for four years. Please e-mail me at juyin@indiana.edu with any comments or errors you find on the website... and poke me if I don't update the site fast enough ^______^.

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