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Chi Mai Le
Vice President

Breathing in the work-hard-play-hard attitude of VSA, I feel as though I'm a whole new person since I've become involved with the organization earlier this year.  I am very proud of all the things we've worked hard to accomplish.  I’m thankful for the opportunity of working side-by-side with Trang, Thuy, Cassie, Jessica, and other board members toward our unified goal of turning VSA into one of the strongest VSAs in the nation.  Above all, I want to especially thank our members, volunteers, and YOU:  You are the reason VSA exists!

Jessica Tseng

Hi! My name is Jessica Tseng and I am a sophomore majoring in Business. I am planning on majoring in Accounting and Finance, but I haven't made up my mind yet. I am very happy to be in the Vietnamese Student Association as a secretary to serve the student body in Indiana University, and help more people to explore the richness of Vietnamese culture through the events we will be holding this year. If you have any question or suggestion, please feel free to contact me at jetseng@indiana.edu or vsa@indiana.edu. I am looking forward to see you there in our events!

Thuy Huynh

My name is Thuy Huynh, and I'm from Fairfax, Virginia. I'm currently a sophomore majoring in Business, and this is my second year in VSA. I'm glad that you've shown interest in VSA, and hope you'll join us in this year's activities. If you have any questions, just contact me at tthuynh@indiana.edu.

Cassandra Hanh Tran
Historian/Public Relations

Hello everyone! I'm Cassandra Hanh Tran (but you can just call me Cassie ^_^) and a freshman here at IU. I plan on becoming an eye doctor (ahh, eight more school years... why do I do this to myself? :P). I'm not sure as what to major in, but it willprobably be chemistry and biology. I love anime/manga, Asian culture, role-playing games, music, books, sports... and I can go on forever because there really isn't much I don't like. I'm looking forward to this upcoming school year to learn, meet new people, and participate in all sorts of fun activities. I know that VSA will be a pleasant experience and I can't wait to meet everyone soon. Have a spectacular school year!

Carolina Chen

Hi everyone~ My name is Carolina Chen. I'm a sophomore majoring in Business, probably Accounting and Finance. I'm new here in VSA but i'm very excited about joining this great association and meeting new people, and I'm looking forward to learning some Vietnamese culture too :). If you have any question just contact me at shzchen@indiana.edu.

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