Reader for ER290-6 – Globalization, Consumer Culture & Environment


Jan 25-27 Global Change 1 – The Big Picture Waters: Globalization

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Feb 1-10 Global Change 2 - Political Economy Korten: When Corporations Rule

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Feb 15-17 History of Modern Consumption Walvin: Fruits of Empire

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Feb 22-24 Consumption History and Morality Horowitz: Morality of Spending

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Feb 29-March 9 Theories of Consumption Slater: Consumer Culture

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March 14-16 Consumer Ethnography 1 Miller: A Theory of Shopping

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March 5-12 Consumer Ethnography 2 Burke: Lifebuoy Men

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April 4-13 Consumption Environment Linkage Durning: How Much is Enough?

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April 2-9 Activism and Consumer Policy Dominguez: Money or Life

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