Course Schedule of Topics

Text Reading Schedule


Aug 28 Course Introduction


August 30- Three Paradigms Of Economics & Human Nature

September 20 All of the Wilk text


September 25 Film Ongkas Big Moka

September 27 Film The Potlatch


October 2 - Critiques of Neoclassical Economics

October 11 All of Ferber & Nelson on Feminist Economics

October 16 - Does Culture Matter?

October 23 All of DeSoto (undergrads)

All of Harrison and Huntington (grads)




October 30 - Money and Exchange

November 6 All of Davis (undergrads)

All of Parry & Bloch (grads)


November 8- Global Economic History

November 27 All of Gunder-Frank


(Class is out on November 22 for Thanksgiving)


November 29- Economic Globalization and Culture

December 6 All of Anderson (undergrads)

All of Appadurai (grads)


December 18 Final Meeting, 8 AM

Research Symposium





Articles on Reserve in the Geography Library



August 30-- Three Paradigms Of Economics & Human Nature

September 20 Elster, J. 1986 Introduction, Rational Choice. New York University Press. pp. 1-32.

Marx, Karl Selections from Economico-Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844

Weber, Max 1958 The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. T. Parsons, trans., New York: Scribner. (extract)


October 2-11 Critiques of Neoclassical Economics

Heilbronner, R. 1998 Economics by the Book. The Nation, October 20, 16-20.

McCloskey, Donald 1985 The Rhetoric of Economics. University of Wisconsin Press. Chapters 1 and 2, "The Poverty of Economic Modernism" and "From Methodology to Rhetoric."

Sen, Amatya 1978 Rational Fools: A Critique of the Behavioral Foundations of Economic Theory. In H. Harris, Scientific Models and Men. Oxford.

Hyde, Lewis 1982 The Gift Must Always Move. CoevolutionQuarterly Fall 1982:10-30.


October 16-23 Does Culture Matter?

Lakoff, George 1996 Moral Politics. University of Chicago Press. Chapters 3 and 4. Pp. 41-64

Polanyi, K. 1957 The Economy as Instituted Process. in K. Polanyi, C. Arensberg and H. Pearson, eds., Trade and Market in the Early Empires. New York: Free Press.

Wrong, M. 2000 In the Footsteps of Mr. Kurtz. London: 4th Estate. PP.35-57.


October 30- Money and Exchange

November 6 Hodges, Richard 1988 Primitive and Peasant Markets. Basil Blackwell: London. pp. 1-33

Fanselow, F. 1990 The Bazaar Economy. Man 25:250-265.

Alexander, J. and P. Alexander 1991 What's a Fair Price? Man 26:493-512.


November 8-27 Global Economic History

Wolf, Eric 1982 Europe and the People Without History. University of California Press. pages 3-23 (chapter 1), pages 73-100 (chapter 3)


November 30- Economic Globalization and Culture

December 6 Korten, David 1998 When Corporations Rule the World: An Interview with David Korten. In Corporations are Going to Get Your Mama, edited by Kevin Danaher. Common Courage Press. Pages 49-56.