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What is the geography of the discipline of anthropology? How do anthropologists cluster around issues of theory? How do the formal associations created by anthropologists organize the discipline around areas, issues, and interests?

What did the class learn from this exercise?

  • Anthropological organizations may be formed around a particular goal (applied anthropology), the study of a particular area (Oceania) or topic (work), a theoretical position (humanistic), or the identity of the members (Latino and Latina, European). Mixtures of these principles are common.
  • Some of the groups are active; others are diffuse and relatively somnolent. It seems to make a difference if there is a core of active people who keep things going. Often the leadership appears to be limited to a particular geographic area or cluster of people who know each other.
  • In general the organizations were not very responsive to requests for interviews or other information from graduate students. Some people were very helpful, but many did not respond to repeated emails and phone calls.



Marvin Richardson

American Ethnological Society

Candice Lowe

Association of Black Anthropologists

Asli Baykal

Association for Feminist Anthropology

Angela Martin

Association of Latina and Latino Anthropologists

Anna Governale

Council on Anthropology and Education

Selamawit Hailemariam

Cultural Survival

Sebastian Braun

European Society for Oceanists

Selamawit Hailemariam

Pan African Association of Anthropology

Matt Lavoie

Society for Latin American Anthropology

Kathleen Costello

Society for the Anthropology of Europe

Joshua Wells

Society for the Anthropology of Work

Sarah Quick

Society for Visual Anthropology

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