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A Selection of Biographies of Influential Anthropologists.

Sociocultural anthropologists are varied in their interests as the biography pages will show.


Gillian Richards-Greaves Roger D. Abrahams
Layla Al-Zubaidi

Arjun Appadurai

 Alexandru Anton-Luca

Gregory Bateson
Jessica Andrea Chelekis Roberto Cardoso de Oliveira
Jennifer Cash Elizabeth Florence Colson
Nicolas George Roy Goodwin D’Andrade
Mintzi Martinez-Rivera

Manuel Gamio

Clifford Geertz
Arwen Kimmell Ward H. Goodenough
William Nixon Carol Greenhouse
Ann Reed Jane Guyer
Heather Vidmar-McEwen Bruno Latour
Kristen Alten Eleanor Burke Leacock
Erika Kuever Sidney Mintz
Devorah Shubowitz Barbara Myerhoff
Angela Bratton Sherry Ortner

Rodrigo Penna-Firme

Darrell Posey
Kellie Hogue Richard & Sally Price
Ben Michaels Jean Rouch
Elise DeCamp Julian Steward
Elizabeth Berrie Victor Turner
Soo Kyung Lim Eric Wolf

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