Books In Print - and a selection of current articles

I have three books available and in print right now, not counting the Italian translation of my Economic Anthropology text. Here are links to order the books.

Economies and Cultures

A textbook…and more. Shows how economic anthropology has grown and developed, but also a work of philosophy and intellectual history. What is human nature? How does anthropology explain behavior? I would use it as a text for any social science theory class.

Beauty Queens on the Global Stage

The first book about beauty pageantry around the world in different cultures. Uses beauty as an example to think about globalization, local culture, and the power of the public to affect the way we think about the body. Great ethnographic chapters from 12 cultures.

Household Ecology

An ethnography of the K'ekchi' Mayan people of the rainforests of southern Belize. Discusses the ways household and family organization are linked to the way people make a living. Available in an inexpensive paperback edition from Northern Illinois University Press. Good reading on Belize, also useful for any class on modern Native peoples of Mesoamerica. The paperback is available for $20 by mail, phone, or fax. Write NIU Press, DeKalb IL 60115, call 815 753-1075, or fax 815 753-1845.


You can also order any of these books, at a significant discount, from There are also reviews of each book linked to their database.

Papers: Buttons link to sites where you can order the book

Domestic Architecture and the Use of Space: An Interdisciplinary Cross-Cultural Study - Kent, Susan (ed.)

Investigating the relationship between the constructed environment and space organization, this text explores the fundamental role of culture as expressed in technology, symbolism, sociopolitical organization and economics in case studies from North and South America, Africa, etc.

Contributors: Activity Areas and Architecture: An Interdisciplinary View of the Relationship Between Use of Space and Domestic Built Environments, Susan Kent / Systems of Activities and Systems of Settings, Amos Rapoport / Domestic Space and the Tenacity of Tradition Among Some Betsileo of Madagascar, Susan Kus and Victor Raharijaona / The Built Environment and Consumer Decisions, Richard R. Wilk / Behavioral Conventions and Archaeology: Methods for the Analysis of Ancient Architecture, Donald Sanders / Public Collective and Private Space: A Study of Urban Housing in Switzerland, Roderick J. Lawrence / Domestic Space in the Greek City-State, Michael H. Jameson / A Structuring Structure: The Swahili House, Linda W. Donley-Reid / A Cross-Cultural Study of Segmentation, Architecture, and the Use of Space, Susan Kent / Domestic Space and Social Structure in Pre-Colombian Northern Peru, Garth Bowden