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Disciplines & Subdisciplines

Anthropologists form themselves into a wide variety of groups based on their training or their interest in particular aspects of anthropology. These groups change over time, and they vary around the world.In this section we explore some of the conventional sub-disciplines within North American, and to some extent British anthropology. We also explore the way anthropology, as a discipline has interacted (or not) with other social science disciplines within the US academic tradition, leading to various hybrids and new mixtures–sometimes called interdisciplinarity.

Finally, we have begun the task of discussing anthropology as a discipline within other national academic traditions. The essays on national traditions include information on their historical development.

Linguistics • Linguistics Through Time
Brazilian Anthropology
History of Brazilian Anthropology
Caribbeanist Anthropology
Gender Studies
Linguistics, Women’s/Gender Studies, History & Philosophy of Science, & Education

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