COAS E104 Global Consumer Culture


You are required to turn in FIVE papers this semester. Each is worth 100 points. You will have a chance to revise and resubmit the first two papers in order to improve your grade. We have a precise SCHEDULE for turning in these assignment, getting them back, and revising them to include your grade.

There are general rules for each assignment. These include citation style, print formats and styles, and other important requirements. Read the general rules before beginning any assignment.

We would like to post the best examples of each paper to the web. If we choose your paper, we need it in a word processor format we can read, like MSWord, Wordperfect, plain text, RTF, or best of all, HTML.

 Assignment 1 : Culture & Communication

 Assignment 2 : Technology’s Power, or Gifts and Purchases

 Assignment 3 : McDonaldization of Bloomington

 Assignment 4: Cultural Difference and Stereotypes in Advertisments

 Assignment 4B: Reader/Writer Review of other student's assignment 4.

 Assignment 5: The Essay Section of the Final Exam

There will also be an indefinite number of EXTRA CREDIT assignments this semester, for between 10 and 20 points each.

 Extra Credit assignment 1: Global Supermarket

 Extra Credit assignment 2: Local Consumption in the Global Supermarket

 Extra Credit Assignment 3: Hunt for information on McDonaldization.

Questions or comments? Send email to Professor Wilk or your AI.
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