Class Topic Schedule and Reading Assignments



Jan 10


Course Introduction

Jan 12 Begin Food and Culture

Start Reading Rice as Self

Read “Hungry Planet” review at

Check out this website:

Jan 17

Finish Rice as Self

Discuss food pleasures and pains

Jan 19

“Food and Theory” from Food, Gender, and Poverty in the Ecuadorian Andes by Mary Weismantel.

Jan 24

“Sisters and Daughters: Food exchange and reciprocity in an Italian American community.” Theophano and Curtis.

Jan 26

Prof. Anya Royce guest lecture on food and cultural values in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Jan 31

Extract from “Remembrance of Repasts” by David Sutton.

Feb 2

Prof. David Sutton guest lecture on food and memory.


Feb 7 Begin Food and History

“Circles of Growing and Eating” by Harriet Friedmann

“The Impact of New World Food Crops on the Diet and Economy of China and India, 1600-1900 by Sucheta Mazumdar, both from :Food in Global History” by R. Grew

Feb 9

“Salting” and “Canning” from Pickled, Potted and Canned by Sue Shephard

“Something from the Oven” chapter by Laura Shapiro.

Feb 14

Start reading Visser


Feb 16

Finish Visser

Feb 21 Begin Food Politics

Start reading Bonanno

Feb 23

Finish reading Bonanno

Feb 28 

Start reading Schlosser

March 2

Finish reading Schlosser

March 7

Start reading Lien

March 9

Finish reading Lien



March 21

Fast food/Slow food debate

“Food at Moderate Speeds” by Sidney Mintz

‘Slow Food: What, Why, and to Where?’ Food, Culture and Society 7(2):117-132 by J. Chrzan

“A Recipe for Connectedness: Bridging Production and Consumption with Slow Food.” FCS 7(2): 81-96 by J. Labelle

“Globalizing Resistance: Slow Food and New Local Imaginaries.” FCS 7(2):97-116. M. Gaytán

March 23

Food and Colonialism

Extract from “Home Cooking in the Global Village.”

March 28 Begin Food Systems Analysis

Start reading Dixon

March 30

Food Film

April 4

Finish Dixon

April 6

Begin Kurlansky

April 11

Finish Kurlansky

April 13

Begin Rosenblum

April 18

Finish Rosenblum

April 20

Research symposium

April 25

Research symposium

April 27

No class


May 4,  7:15 PM

Exam Banquet at my house