Book Reviews on Consumer Culture

The literature on consumption is exploding in a number of fields - these reviews can help you keep up with an avalanche of new studies and ideas. Students in Richard Wilk's Spring 1998 Seminar on "Global Consumer Culture" each wrote two book reviews. They were encouraged to choose recent books in anthropology and other social sciences.

Book Title…………………. Book Author………………. Reviewer

The Making and Unmaking of the Haya Lived World

Brad Weiss!

Ann Reed

The Sex of Things: Gender and Consumption in Historical Perspective

Victoria de Grazia

Ann Reed

 Cross Cultural Consumption: Global Markets Local Realities

 David Howes

 Lena Mortensen

 Material Cultures: Why Some Things Matter.

 Daniel Miller

 Tracy Luedke

 International Communication and Globalisation.

 Mohammadi Ali

 Nabil Echchaibi

 Religion and Globalization

 Peter Beyer

 Doug Padgett

 Consumption and Everyday Life

 Hugh Mackay

 Layla Al-Zubaidi

 Sociology on the Menu: An Invitation to the Study of Food and Society

 Alan Beardsworth and Teresa Keil

 Virginia Visconti

The McDonaldization Thesis: Explorations and Extensions 

 George Ritzer

 Virginia Visconti

 Consumer Culture and Modernity

 Don Slater

 Nabil Echchaibi

Food and Culture: A Reader

Counihan & Van Esterik

Layla Al-Zubaidi




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