Society for Visual Anthropology Board Members

Information taken primarily from the Anthropology Newsletter as well as the Social Science/ Arts and Humanities Index of Citations; AA=American Anthropologist, VA=Visual Anthropology, VAR= Visual Anthropology Review, BR=Book Review, FR=Film Review

Board of Directors

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Media, Books and Journal Publications from 1990-1999



Malcolm Collier

Asian Studies, San Francisco State University

Methods in visual anthro., cross-cultural communica-tion, applied anthro., ethnic studies, teacher training, community development, photography

Asians in America: A Reader (1993); Visual Anthropology: Photography as a Research Method (1986, co-auth w/ J. Collier); Nonverbal Factors in the Education of Chinese American Children: A Film Study (1983)



Harald Prins

Department of Anthropology, Kansas State University

Native rights, visual anthropology, historical anthropology, American Indians

Our Lives in Our Hands (co-producer, film 1986); American Beginnings: Exploration, Culture, and Cartography in the Land of Norumbega (co-ed,1995); The Mi'kmaq: Resistance, Accommodation, and Cultural Survival (1996); American Indian Culture and Research Journal--93, Algonquian Conf. Papers--94, Social Forces--94, VA--90(BR) and 97, AA--97(BR)

Secretary and Acting AN contributing editor


Peter Biella

Audio/Video/Film at Hofstra Univ., NY

Interactive media and scholarship, education design, applied ethnographic film, East African pastoralism

UR-List: Web Resources for Visual Anthropology--1998; Yanomamö Interactive (CD-Rom, w/ Chagnon and Seaman 1997); Aids in the Barrio (1989, film); 2 chaps. In Anthropological Film in the 1990s (1993, Rollwagen, ed.); VAR--97; VA--95,98; AA--96



Najwa Adra

Hofstra Univ., NY

Yemeni dancing and the impact of television on a small highland community in Yemen

Contributions on the Middle East and Yemen for the International Encyclopedia of Dance; VA--97(FR),98 AA--98(BR)

Board Members





Cynthia Close

Documentary Educational Resources, Executive Director

Integrating visual anthropology resources with text on the WWW and acquisition of new film and video titles for DER's collection

DER's Home Page on WWW--1995; "Approaches to Still Life" exhibition catalogue, America House Munich--1992 ; Art New England--90


Anne Zeller

Dept of Anthropology and Classics, University of Waterloo

Semiotic aspects of primate gestural communication, making films for primate behavior courses, use of film to study fine details of facial communication in primates.

"The Grieving Process in Non-Human Primates," in Coping in the Final Tragedy (1991); Primates Recherches Actuelles--90, VA--92, 95(BR); American Journal of Human Biology--96(BR)


John Bishop

Documentary Film Producer in California

Production, preservation and distribution of ethnographic media

Faces of Culture (tv series,1995 revision); Melemchi: A Himalayan Temple Village (film, 1995); The Land Where the Blues Began: American Patchwork Series (film, 1990); California Artists: At the Crossroads--1991

(1996-99) AN contributing editor as of 4/99

Mary Strong

Brooklyn College, CUNY

Art in Latin America and the Caribbean, Hispanics in the U.S., education, international and community development, and ecology

"Peace" street mural sponsored by Crown Heights Youth Collective (1992); "Los Yoleros Dominicanos" in Actas de IV Congreso Culturas Latinas en EU (1995), "Murales de Neuva York: Una Historia Perdida" in Revista de Historia (1987); VA--98,American Ethnologist--94(BR)


David W. Plath

Department of Anthro, Univ. of Illinois

Cultural anthropology of East Asia, human lifecourse and aging, maritime cultures, visual ethnography, home media

Numerous video documentaries over 20 years; Work and Life-course in Japan (ed., 1983), Long Engagements: Maturity in Modern Japan (1980); Daedalus--90, BRs: Pacific Affairs--97,98; Monumenta Nipponica--93,96; Journal of Japanese Studies-91,92,94; Journal of Asian Studies--98, AA--93


Frank Fernandez

Guaynabo, Puerto Rico


Beate Engelbrecht

Inst. For Scientific Film, Goettingin, Germany


Wilton Martinez



VAR--95, film editor 98+


Joanna Scherer

Smithsonian Inst., Handbook of N. American Indians Project, Museum of Natural History

Historical photographs; Native Americans; Women's History

Indians: The Great Photographs that Reveal American Indian Life, 1847-1928 (1973); AA--95 (BR) VA--90, 93,94; Arctic Anthropology--90


Carol Hermer

University of Washington