Reviews of Qualitative Software

During the fall semester of 1999 I taught research methods in the Energy and Resources Group at the University of California, Berkeley. This lively and highly interdisciplinary center includes a large number of graduate students deeply engaged with applied social science research projects all around the globe. As part of their class work, each student chose a qualitative data analysis program which they thought would be useful in their own research; they wrote and presented their software review to the class as a whole.

Choosing appropriate software for qualitative research is not an easy task – there are more and more programs to choose from, and the packages themselves are growing in size, complexity, and cost. Therefore I thought these reviews might help other students and professionals make informed decisions for their own research. Several students preferred to remain anonymous.

Webmaster and ringleader: Professor Richard Wilk

PROGRAM ---------------------------------------------------- Author

 Ethnograph 5.0 -- Scolari


 Emily Yeh

 Methodologist’s Toolchest V. 2.0 -- Idea Works, Inc.


 Jamie Fine

 Decision Explorer, Version 3.0



 QSR NUD*IST -- Scolari



 QSR NUD*IST Vivo -- Scolari



WinMax -- Scolari


Reuben Deumling

 Citation 7.0


 Pamela Franklin

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