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The Ultimate Personal Hygeine Product. --

feces odor tablets. Another Japanese innovation, these pills promise to make your excrement completely odor-free in three days of use. "...people must be responsible for their odors." says the bottle. 600,000 bottles sold in the first six months, according to Colors Magazine (no. 18, Jan. 1997)

Ugly Nipples?

The Japanese Liberty Company asks "Do you care about having beautiful nipples while playing around with boys? If you do, their nipple lightening cream is the thing for you. Unsightly brown nipples will be a thing of the past!


Used by actors in japan to make their genitals glisten when making porno films. Source:Colors Magazine.


Prosthetic testicles for your canine companion. In plain English, fake silicone rubber balls to be inserted into a dog after castration. Why? Ostensibly its for the animal, so it won't experience loss. Right. Or maybe they are for the owner?

Losing your hair? 

Have no fear! Skymall panders to all the latest fears and health scares with expensive products which offer some kind of high-tech solution. Afraid of germs and infections? They have a magic sterilizer wand with UV light! Now we all know men are afraid of going bald. And lasers are high tech and scientific, right? So why not sell men a laser gadget to keep them from going bald? Here it is, a 9-beam laser comb for only $545. I bet these cost about $10 in parts!

Poopsie Daisy.

A “toilet pre-spray” which “prevents toilet odors from affecting your environment.”  The advertisement advises you to use three sprays before you go. Why this obsession with toilet cleanliness? Contributed by Rick Stepp.


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