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Rice Patch Babies.

Hong-Kong's answer to the Cabbage Patch Kid, these are probably made with child labor. The advertisement invites you to sponsor the 'mainland cousins" for immigration. Who gets to play the INS agent?


Ronald Mcdonald Christmas tree ornaments. 

Put fast food on your Christmas tree.


Halloween Contact Lenses. 

I don’t know what to say. The idea of putting a bloodshot contact lens into my eye – which will make my eye bloodshot for real – is just too bizarre for words. Or how about contact lenses which make you look stoned? From the San Francisco Guardian, 1999.


Kitschy Cars?

The World of Kitsch website is always worth a visit, since it features many pieces of bizarre consumer culture. Some of these, like the car illustrated here, are one-off custom made designs, but if you go to the "objects" section you will find some amazingly awful clocks and furniture. But the category of
Kitsch doesn't quite capture what I am after in this website...


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