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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I join?

Joining our club is as easy as sending an email message stating your interest in the club to waterski@indiana.edu. We are always looking for new members to participate in as much or as little as they please. Whatever you do…DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED! Come to any event, whether it is an out-of-town trip, a meeting, or a party! If you have further questions, feel free to contact one of our officers. All of their e-mails and phone numbers can be found on the Officers page.

Do I have to be good?

NO!! In fact most of us aren't very good at all! Our team ranges from beginner to professional, but we all just like to be on the water and have fun!

What are the Competitions like?

A water ski competition is probably one of the most fun weekends you will ever have. We travel to tournaments throughout Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois to compete during the first four weekends of the school year. There are anywhere from 7 to 24 schools at each of these tournaments. The competition is very low-key, as skiing abilities range from the very competitive to people who have never even skied before! In a nutshell the weekends usually go like this: we arrive on Friday, party that night, ski, swim and play in the sun on Saturday, we party and dance to the DJ on Saturday night, only to get up and ski on Sunday. We usually head home on Sunday afternoon always looking forward to the next week's tournament. I can guarantee that you will have a blast!! A schedule of the upcoming tournaments can be found on the Schedule page.

Where do you ski?

We are currently skiing on beautiful Lake Lemon. Located 15-20 minutes from campus. Directions can be found on the Directions to Lake Lemon page.

How often do I have to practice?

As much or as little as you please! Our goal is to have the boat running as often as possible. The team schedule is very flexible, depending on when the drivers can get out on the lake. Please see the Drivers page for more information.

What kind of equipment do you have?

Obviously you are welcome to use your own equipment, but the team can provide you with anything and everything you would need at a competition. We have a team ski for slalom, trick, and jump, as well as a team wakeboard. We also have ropes, handles, life jackets, and of course, our beautiful boat.


How much does this cost?

Memberships range from $35 to $115. For more information please see the Membership page.

How do I Stay In Touch?

The easiest way is just getting yourself on our email list and most importantly not being afraid to get involved! Again, if you have any further questions, please email us at waterski@indiana.edu.

We look forward to skiing with you soon!



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