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Directions to Lake Lemon


  1. From 10th Street and Jordan Ave

  2. Go East on 10th over the bypass (road turns into highway 45 after bypass)

  3. Stay on that through New Unionville, there is a metal sign that says to go left to Lake Lemon and Riddle Point, turn left at the next road(Tunnel Road)

  4. Down that road 2.3 miles turn right onto South Shore Dr. There is a sign at the turn for IU sailing and rowing. If you make it down to the lake without turning, you've gone to far

  5. A short distance down that road, there is another sign for IU sailing and rowing, turn left into that, then go straight through gates at the IU Yacht Club sign toward all the sail boats

  6. Total travel time is 15 to 20 min., and the distance is approximately 10 miles





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