Drawing Courtesy of Columbus Architectural Archives

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First Baptist Church, 1965
3300 Fairlawn Drive, Columbus, IN 47203


Eastbrook Branch Bank, 1961
2531 Eastbrook Plaza, Columbus, IN


Northside Junior High School, 1961
1400 27th Street Columbus, IN 47201
(now Northside Middle School)


Otter Creek Clubhouse and Golf Course, 1965
11522 E 50 N Columbus, IN 47203


Former Bartholomew County Home for the Aged, 1959
(now Salvation Army)
2525 Illinois Ave, Columbus, IN 47201


Lincoln Center Ice Skating Rink, 1958
(now Hamilton Center Ice Arena)
2501 Lincoln Park Drive, Columbus, Indiana 47201


Lillian C. Schmitt Elementary School,1957
2675 California Street, Columbus, IN 47201


Lauther House, 1953
Franklin Drive, Columbus,IN 47201


Cummins Tech Center,1968
1900 McKinley Avenue, Columbus, IN 47201


Columbus Village Apartments,1951-1960
1560 28th Street, Columbus, IN 47201


Former Cosco Office Building (now Dorez Industies Inc.),1962
2525 State Street, Columbus, IN 47201


Newlin House,1964
Franklin Drive, Columbus, IN 47201


Former Irwin Bank ,1961
(now Flowers from the Woods)
151 S. Maileton St., Columbus, IN 47201


State Street Shopping Center,1961
2150 State Street, Columbus, IN 47201


Former Irwin Union Bank,1958
465 Harrison St., Hope, IN 47246