Indiana University Bloomington

Wells behind President Johnson


  1. the ideal or practice of cooperation and understanding between nations
  2. the state or quality of being international


Born and bred a Hoosier, Wells had the values, outlook, and inherent gentility common to Midwesterners. Awakened by a 50-day sojourn traveling around South America in 1941, he realized that the entire globe was the education’s parish. After World War II, he made a pronounced effort to expand IU’s foreign languages and area studies programs, recruit international faculty and students, and offer the administrative and programmatic expertise of IU to emerging foreign universities. In 1957, Wells was a member of the U.S. delegation to the 12th General Assembly of the United Nations. He provided leadership to the International Associations of the Universities. An inveterate traveler, Wells went to more than 100 countries and relished experiencing different cultures around the world.