Indiana University Bloomington

Climbed all those steps -- 96 steps

Harry Day, IU Chemistry Professor

When I came here in 1940 in chemistry, I hadn't been here more than three or four weeks. My office was on the top floor of the chemistry building, 96 steps up to the office. One Friday afternoon I heard a couple of men coming up the stairs. In a couple minutes or so, President Wells and the chairman of trustees walked into my office. They wanted to see how I was getting along in my new position. They had been attending a board meeting and concluded work around 3:30, so they walked over to the chemistry building and came up all those steps. I heard their voices coming up and by comparison of what Dr. Wells had before him in his last few years, it's inconceivable the man climbed all those steps -- 96 steps. It appeared like they didn't pause a moment for breath.

From Remembering Herman B Wells, 1901-2000:, March 21, 2000

Thanks to the Bloomington Herald-Times for allowing Digital Wells to publish these excerpts from their archive.