Indiana University Bloomington

Generous ... nature, accessible to all

Elsa Marston Harik

One early spring morning when my husband and I were new here at Indiana University, a good many years ago, I happened to be walking in Dunn Woods with our son, a toddler. We met Chancellor Wells out for a stroll, and with his kind smile for the little boy, he stopped to chat with us. For me that brief moment always represented what was so rare and beautiful about Herman Wells — his generous, friendly nature, accessible to all. He was a vital presence on campus, even in recent months when it must have taken great effort for him to get out, and that presence will be grievously missed.

From Remembering Herman B Wells, 1901-2000:, March 21, 2000

Thanks to the Bloomington Herald-Times for allowing Digital Wells to publish these excerpts from their archive.