Indiana University Bloomington

He lived to serve others

Scott T. Rickard, M.S. 1962, Ed.D. 1966

The values and vision of Herman B Wells influenced the career choices of countless individuals. When I was an undergraduate at Oregon State University in 1959, I went to my mentor, the dean of students, and asked him how I could be a dean. He said, "You need to go to graduate school," and I asked "Where do you go?"and he said, "Two of the best programs are at Indiana University and the University of Maryland." I wrote both schools, and when the information arrived from IU, I immediately knew this was the school for me. On the cover of the brochure describing the graduate program was a picture of the tree-covered IU campus and I knew that I would be at home there because Oregon has many more trees than people. In 1993, while addressing the Indiana Memorial Union Board of Directors (Wells was a member in 1924 and always attended the installation banquets), I had the pleasure of personally thanking Chancellor Wells for not allowing trees to be cut on the campus without his permission. His values helped me choose graduate study at IU. Two days after the banquet, I received a personal note from Chancellor Wells. He closed by saying, "I'm yours to command if I can be helpful. Cordially, Herman." Chancellor Wells embodied all the qualities of servant leadership. He lived to serve others.

From Remembering Herman B Wells, 1901-2000:, March 24, 2000

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