Indiana University Bloomington

Liked to watch Steele paint

Lydia Brown Finkelstein, Visual arts columnist, Sunday Herald-Times

Dr. Wells would occasionally send me notes when one of my Sunday columns on art particularly interested him. The one I treasure was sent after I wrote an extensive review of the T.C. Steele exhibition at the IU Art Museum. In the note Dr. Wells said he had visited Steele often in his studio at the top of the Franklin Building, which was then the library building, while Steele was the artist-in-residence (1923-1926) at IU. He liked to watch Steele paint, and to listen to the artist talk about art. These sessions, Dr. Wells said, left him with a lifelong interest in the visual arts, and a deep appreciation for Steele's achievement and his intellect.

From Remembering Herman B Wells, 1901-2000:, March 22, 2000

Thanks to the Bloomington Herald-Times for allowing Digital Wells to publish these excerpts from their archive.