Indiana University Bloomington

Taught us the "Alma Mater"

Carolyn Tufford

In the fall of 1946 I was an incoming freshman at Indiana University and one of a large group gathered on and around the steps of the Student Building as President Wells taught us the "Alma Mater."

He was a very hands-on president. Four years later, in the spring of 1950, he invited the graduating seniors in journalism to his home at Woodburn House for dinner. He gave us the run of the house and we explored every corner. He certainly made us feel at home.

This year we will gather for our 50-year reunion. We had hoped Chancellor Wells could be with us. You may be sure he will be there in spirit.

From Remembering Herman B Wells, 1901-2000:, March 22, 2000

Thanks to the Bloomington Herald-Times for allowing Digital Wells to publish these excerpts from their archive.